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carey shurley
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Default Futaba CGY750 Compatibility Requirements

I was asked to discuss what are the system prerequisites needed to use the Futaba CGY750 gyro controller.

this is not a step by step setup, it is only about what you need to have to use the controller

While this isnt strictly a gas helicopter question, it applies equally so here goes

In what configurations is the controller available?
  1. Gyro only - includes the controller and 3 axis gyro sensor
  2. Gyro only with R6203SB rx - includes the controller, 3 axis gyro sensor and an R6203SB rx
  3. Gyro and Governor set - includes the controller, 3 axis gyro sensor and G101 Governor sensor
  4. Gyro and Governor set with R6203SB rx - includes the controller, 3 axis gyro sensor, G101 Governor sensor and an R6203SB rx

Hobbico is currently bringing in only the gyro/governor sets (no rx) in the US. Other geographies may offer the other configurations

Details about the controller

The CGY750 control unit has 3 input slots and 5 output slots

the ONLY input slots on the controller are:
  • Gyro Sensor
  • Governor Sensor
  • SBus
there are no others! All control signals for ail/ele/pitch, rudder, throttle, remote gains MUST use an SBus mechanism

The outputs on the controller are:
  • Aileron servo
  • Elevator (#1) servo
  • Pitch
  • Throttle/Elevator (#2) servo - for throttle govenor control OR for elevator 2 in a 4 servo eCCPM (not both)
  • Rudder servo

The complete list of channel signals accepted from the transmitter are as follows. They are not in channel order and I have grouped them for discussion purposes only:

Base Functions
  1. Aileron position
  2. Elevator position
  3. Collective position
  4. Rudder position
  5. throttle position
Extended functions
  1. governor on/off
  2. governor RPM settings (3)
  3. Aileron gyro gain
  4. Elevator gyro gain
  5. Rudder gyro gain

How does the controller receive the input signals?

The connection between the rx and the controller is one wire! All of the servos plug into the cgy750. I would suggest that you plug the power connections into the controller using Y connectors and let the SBus cable power the rx or you could connect a power lead to both units. It will also work by just connecting power to the rx but the full servo load would then run across the single SBus wire.

The CGY750 contains an SBus configuration menu where you set which TX channels map to the various functions

So currently the CGY750 requires an SBus signal to be used otherwise you can't get the control signals in. As of this writing only Futaba is providing compatible SBus receivers so as of now you will HAVE to use one of these three:
  • R6203SB rx -supports 3 to 18 channels via FASST - very small and is recommended for use with the cgy750. It has 3 slots for channels/battery and one SBus slot. with the CGY750 you will only use the SBus slot and probably the battery slot
  • R6108SB rx - support 3 to 18 channels via FASST - slightly larger and has connector slots for 8 channels plus an SBus slot. with the CGY750 you will only use the SBus slot and probably the battery slot
  • R6208SB rx - same as R6108SB but certified for up to 8.4V
Since its FASST, you don't need any satellites or other receiver parts. The receiver contains dual diversity antennas which is all you need for a solid signal. The maximum number of channels available from the rx is based on what the transmitter can supply

Also if you're using high voltages you'll want to put some sort of regulator in the output path to the Rudder servo to keep the voltage close to 5 volts. This is no different than with any other rudder/gyro setup.

What about other system manufacturers

A little later in 2011 Futaba should have a Pulse Width Modulation converter to be used with competitors receivers. It will most likely have several input connectors and one SBus output connector and may not support ALL of the extended features. No idea when or how much.

What Futaba transmitter do I need to make this work?

to use all of the cgy750 features that can be driven from the transmitter, you'll need 10 channels one of which can be on/off only. The absolute minimum is 5 as It is possible to use the device with only the base functions. The extended features wouldn't be available and would operate as follows:
  • governor on/off - governor can only be turned on/off with throttle curve position
  • governor RPM settings (3) - you would only get one governor RPM setting that has to be set in the controller itself
  • Aileron gyro gain - you would only get one gain/mode for the aileron gyro that has to be set in the controller itself
  • Elevator gyro gain - you would only get one gain/mode for the elevator gyro that has to be set in the controller itself
  • Rudder gyro gain - you will only get one gain/mode for the rudder gyro that has to be set in the controller itself
The only transmitters that are capable of downloading the full software for all the transmitter controllable features are the:
  • 8FG or 8FG Super
  • 12FG or 12Z
  • 14MZ
If you use the 8FG there is a s/w load that upgrades it to a 14 channel config with the 750 functions included. The newer 8FG super will already include that s/w upgrade

The 12 and 14 channel transmitters also have s/w upgrades that support the 750 features directly.

You can also use the 10CHG transmitter but you'll have to have one of the listed SBus receivers and since the software isn't configured for the 750 you'll either have to set the ele/ail gyro gains directly in the controller or setup separate mixed channels to remotely control them. But it will certainly still work.

What Servos are Supported
  • The Ail/ele/pitch functions will support either analog or 1520u digital servos
  • the governor function will support either analog or 1520u digital servos
  • the rudder function will support analog, 1520 or 760u digital servos
Obviously you're going to get the best results for any of these functions with higher speed digital servos

What Governor sensors are supported
  • Futaba GV101 sensor
  • Futaba RPM sensor (backplate)
  • Stator Gator for GY701/750 for zenoah gas engines (you won't need the G101 sensor). Older stator gators will still work but you need a power jumper cable due to a lower system voltage being used on this controller.
The Bottom Line:
  • Currently you need a Futaba FASST SBus receiver to use the controller with the listed transmitters
  • For the most operational flexibility, use all 10 functions
  • There is wide servo compatibility
Carey Shurley

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Carey, your analysis is complete. It is clear that it will get the most from
  • 8FG or 8FG Super
  • 12FG or 12Z
  • 14MZ
Do you think that this device can probably be the beginning of a more sopfisticated and more complete flybarless system created by Futaba?

Thanks for your important comments.
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carey shurley
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this is Futaba's first entry into the FBL market and from the early feedback they've done it like everything else they do, they don't release it until it works as well or better than anything else available

If you combine the 750 controller with the new R6203SB receiver its a very compact package. That rx is very small, there are NO satellites needed and only one wire between the rx and the controller. Everything else plugs into the controller.

since the s/w in the controller can be user upgraded (with the CIU/2 interface) whatever the next revision that Futaba decides to make can be loaded both into the tx as well as this controller.
Carey Shurley

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Default HiTecRCD - Aurora 9 Tx and Optima 9 Rx

FYI to any interested -

I have successfully setup a HiTecRCD system for use with the CGY-750 which will be used on a Whiplash Gasser as soon as it becomes available (I mean the very SECOND it becomes available ).

Using the SBE-1 encoder to enable use of the CGY-750 also provided FULL functionality of its features, to include Aileron and Elevator gain adjustment from the Tx; and selection from Norm/AVCS/& Throttle Hold in all flight conditions that I setup. Although I don't have the model yet, the good thing about the CGY-750 and A9 is that all settings can be verified via digital displays. This includes the governor settings in all flight conditions.

My setup includes the following:
  • HiTec Aurora 9 (9 channel) TX
  • HiTec Optima 9 (9 channel) Rx
  • PowereEdge 3000 mAh LiFePo receiver pack
  • Fromeco Arizona Regulator (w/pin flag switch)
  • Stator Gator (with voltage jumper)
  • JR DS8717 - Cyclic Servo Set (3)
  • JR PS8900G - Throttle Servo
  • JR PSMP80G - Tail Servo
  • TRM Power 270TT Engine
  • Century Torpedo V5 Muffler
  • RCBooya Rear Canopy Mounts
  • Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets (DH250D-FT-NI) from "Amazing Magnets .com" for Quick Release front Canopy Mounts
Eager to put it all in my model!

I am running the battery to the regulator via a deans connection. Two leads provide power to the CGY-750 via the regulator. The CGY-750 provides power to the servos via the SBus connector which goes to the SBE-1 encoder. The SBE-1 has 10 leads, 2 of which provide power to the Rx. Leads 1 through 9 are used and are numbered exactly as the default channels are laid out on the Optima 9 Rx.

I have a secondary on/off switch (JRPA001 Gold Deluxe) which plugs into a standard servo type connector from another direct battery lead. On the switched side of the on/off switch I have a Y connector which supplies switched power to the Stator Gator, and directly to the Rx's SPC port. The SPC port supplies power to the Rx ONLY (seperate from the servos). This also provides me real time Rx pack voltage telemetry directly on to the Tx display.
  • Channels 1 through 6 are pretty standard.
  • Channel 7 is used for the governor.
  • Channels 8 and 9 are used for the elevator and aileron gain.
  • Throttle stick position is used to activiate the governor so I do not use/need the #10 lead from the SBE-1 which would otherwise be used for a governor on/off switch on the Tx.
If anyone is using the same Tx/Rx equipment I'd be happy to share my setup file. Just send me a PM with where you'd like it emailed and I'll send it. I will likely still have to explain a few things and how some of the features work with the A9 Tx... But I'd be happy to do so.

Please remember that the setup file I have is NOT trimmed out yet as the model I will be installing everything in is not yet released as of posting this message. All works well on the bench though, in terms of the "features" of the CGY-750 which is the only reason why I thought all of this may be useful (on this particular thread) to anyone who may have been in the same situation as me prior to working through everything... Which was - Will the SBE-1 give me the functions I want out of the CGY-750 with my radio package? I am pleased to say - Yes it does!

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I have a buddy who purchased a used Trex 600 heli that came equipped with a CGY750 FBL system and a R6303SB RX. He mistakenly bought a Futaba T6J TX not knowing the it was S-FHSS and that it the R6303 is FASST. Now he has to purchase a new RX. Will the R2008SB RX link up with the CGY750? I am completely unfamiliar with the Futaba system.
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carey shurley
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the R2008SB is a full range (not ground or short range) rx, that supports HV and SBus. Should be no problems linking

the Tx CONTROL of its functions will be limited to what the Tx software will support however the 750 can be fully programmed via its controller

make sure he downloads and installs he latest 2.x firmware for the 750
Carey Shurley

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Thanks Care. Appreciate the prompt reply.
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