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Default Main blade spacers

Hi all. Just finishing a G700C build. Does everyone use the main blade grip spacers? If so, how do you pry them in there? The stock sab blades fit the grips pretty well with no spacer. It seems like I would damage the grips if I was to spread them enough to fit the main blade and both spacers. Thanks.
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They are not mandatory.....don't use them if you don't need them.
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It depends on which blades you are using. Some have a thicker root. I prefer to run the blades that have the thinner root so I can use the spacers (although I have thicker root blades at the moment). The spacers keep the blade root from getting chewed up but the grips. NEVER bend your grips to accommodate a smaller blade root, or to add spacers. That's a very bad idea.
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Speaking about the 770, the spacers are an important part of blade retention.
They give a large, flat contact area between the grip and blade for proper blade support.
The spacers providing a flat surface against the blade which will prevent the grips from eating and wearing into the blade itself.
Without the spacers you run the risk of damaging a very expensive pair of blades especially if you frequently blade fold for transportation.
The aggravation of installing them is outweighed by the protection they give to the blades.

I find it easiest to place the spacers on top and bottom of the blade with half of the washer sticking out from the blade.
This allows the washers to enter the grip first with the blade following which will gently spread the grip open as you wiggle the blade up, down while swinging the blade gently fore and aft.
A little finger pressure is needed behind the spacers as you slide them in to keep them going into the grip as the blade slides in place.
Once you have the blade and spacers in approximate line with the grip bolt hole, use something blunt to stick in the holes to line them up for the bolt.
You really should use them. If you have different blades other than OEM it's still a good idea to use large washers/shims to protect and provide good retention of those big blades.
You can see what happens to a blade without shims or washers by looking at the tail blades on the 770 which has a similar grip design to the main rotor.
You will see damage from the tail grips on the blade surface.
In this case you can't find washers or shims to protect the blade so file down all the sharp machined edges of the grips with a diamond file to round them off slightly. In taking this step you will have less change of damage to the blades from the grips.
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