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Default Nano QX motor problems

I have been experiencing unreliable flight characteristics. I found this Youtube video and think I have diagnosed the issue to a bad motor. I had one bad crash after flipping and think I whacked the motor pretty good. Check this out if you are having some issues that you cant figure out.

Testing nano quadcopter for motor problems (1 min 48 sec)

Happy Flying !
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Good info, but first check....
- The right props are on the correct motor
- The prop blades aren't bent
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Also check to make sure you don't have hair or string wrapped around the shaft under the prop. it does make a difference.
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Default Nano QX motor problems

Is a prop tight against motor housing? Should not be against.

Motor plugs seated in control board?

And lastly is one of the motor shafts bent? This can cause havoc.

I've straightened shafts on my MQX, Mcpx and SR motors and my nano CPX feathering shaft.

If bent, just ID exactly where the bend is, then using a small pair of needle nose pliers you may be able to restore the shaft to straight.

If bent, you've nothing to lose trying to fix it.

Practice straightening bends on a paperclip first.
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