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Default Logo 400SE Motor Options

I would prefer to use the Mod .7 main gear. Could I use any of these motors I have spare?

1. Pyro 600-09, 900KV, 5mm shaft

2. Scorpion HK3226-880, 880KV, 5mm shaft
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EDIT - Sorry, had a re:read and noticed you already have the 600-9 motor. Not sure what the 17T mod 0.7 pinion options are in 5mm.

I have been thinking about this too but can't decide on the 600-9 (930kV) or 600-11(1050kV).

The 5mm shaft on the Pyro 600 is the older, original shaft and it now comes with a 6mm shaft. Mikado parts (now discontinued I believe) are MIK 4044 6mm 16T mod 0.7 and MIK 4045 6mm 17T mod 0.7. I actually had a 600-9 and MIK 4045 in my hands but the motor was old 2010 stock with the 5mm shaft so I returned it.

My Pyro 20-08 (1400kV) is doing a good job with a 12T mod 0.7 but the 600 sounds attractive at 2kW vs 1kW for the 20-08/400 motor.

Is the 600 going to do it easier?

Am I going to get longer flight times with the same flying style?

Is the 600-11 going to be comparable with the factory 400SE 1050kV Scorpion motor 200T/22T mod 0.5 vs 138T/16T or 17T mod 0.7 or am I better off with the 600-9?

Looking forward to the responses.

I'm not considering anything other than Kontronik so that narrows it down.


Regards, Jayson
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Yes I have one of the very first Pyro 600-09 with the 5mm shaft. The 5mm shaft is now discontinued. I believe some people were snapping it in a crash.

So you're saying that Mikado have discontinued the 6mm pinions? Genious decision

Anyways, I've been playing with MrMel's headspeed calculator and this is what I got

Number of cells: 6s
Main gear tooth count: 138T
Pinion tooth count: 20T
Motor KV: 900
Governor used: Jazz/Jive mode 4
Extended result
ATV adjusted

Result for calculation:
Estimated lowest voltage during flight: 20,46
Lowest RPM (due to voltage and efficiency) : 2401

Throttle 60%: 2401
Throttle 65%: 2475
Throttle 70%: 2549
Throttle 75%: 2623
Throttle 80%: 2698
Throttle 85%: 2772
Throttle 90%: 2846
Throttle 95%: 2920
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