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Default FlyCamOne Eco V2 firmware update guide

Seems many people online are having problems with this. The manual instructions are seriously lacking, and the README.txt in the download is abit vague also.
So now i have mine sorted, thought i'd share


1. Download the firmware zip file from here:

2. Unpack THE WHOLE zip file (make sure the .bin file is there too) to a folder of your making (i didn't do this first time and ran into problems ie 'cannot start device')

3. Install the file "STKO2H 2.O Reinstall" [run as admin on Vista]. Ignore certification warnings (note STKO2H [no 'U' in the filename]) - IMPORTANT you may get a malware warning from your virus protection, go ahead and add to exeptions or click ignore!!

4. Restart your PC

5. goto control panel/programs and features and confirm that STKO2H 2.0 is installed

6. confirm that the switch on FCOeV2 marked on/off is 'OFF'

7. connect power to FCOeV2 - either via your BEC system (RX port) or by 1 cell lipo external battery

8. WHILST HOLDING the white button in the corner of your board on FCOeV2, connect the USB between FCOeV2 and your PC

9. give windows a few secs to install the driver for the cam, when windows confirms installation.......

10. run the other EXE in the zip folder named: "STKO2HU-Reinstall" (note the 'U' and dash in filename) [run as admin on Vista]

11. you should now be faced with a screen, prompting a confirmation, click 'update'

12. if all went well, you should now have a screen with two pull down menu's - DRAM timing and DRAM size, set them to:

DRAM timing 0x35
DRAM size 8M

13. confirm and wait for 30-40 secs, and confirmation of correct update will be displayed

Hope this helps someone, any questions, i'll help if i can

This was done on Vista Ultimate x86

Happy flying
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Thanx, I have had a Flycam v2 sittng around for a while which I haven't used. I may follow your instructions and get the thing up and running - cheers
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fcoe flycamone firmware

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