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Default 600 with 700 class 530kv motor

So, I upgraded my Align 600 EFL Pro with the align performance booster kit... While the parts did not say anything about needing to upgrade the ESC, does anyone know if running the 600 doing semi-hard 3d with the Align Motor and a standard HobbyWing 70HV ESC would be ok to do? Or would it be better to a 120HV?
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You will need at least a 120a ESC unless you are just sport flying
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It depends on setup. You can stick a huge motor in, but if you have reasonable pitch, it's fine. But you configure it with massive pitch and burry the sticks, you'll need a bigger ESC to sustain the load.

Stated another way - A smaller motor limits max current in a way that makes a setup "dummy proof". With a bigger motor, it's possible to pull a lot more current, but it doesn't have to. So long as the setup limits how much you can pull.

The other variable is bogging. If you bog the motor heavily, a bigger motor will pull a lot more current in the bog vs the smaller motor. This is where having a sensitivity to the max pitch also comes in, and is dependent on how heavy you are on the collective.
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the ESC will tell you if it's gonna blow.. just land it and feel it, if it's hot you need to upgrade
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I ran one of these motors in my 600 using a HW 120hv just for the extra insurance. I have to admit for me though, the 750mx I ran was weak. So I sold it.
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I run the 750MX 530kv (which IMHO has loads of power), 600mm blades at 2350rpm and a CC120HV on my 600. I have found that the ESC can get decently warm after a flight on Melbourne summer weather (~25-35 degrees C) so I couldn't imagine a 70A ESC not failing with a hard flown 600. I fly decently hard I guess as I got 3m50s of flight before I actually hit LVC on my 600 yesterday with two 4000 40C packs.

I have run the HW70HV on my 12S X5 with a 4035-500 for a solid year and it never gets hot with 520mm blades even in the hot Aussie weather. After a fairly aggressive flight the HW70HV can get a little warm but never hot. Aggressive flight and the extra weight and blade size of a 600 would likely be too much for this ESC unless you lived in a cold climate IMHO.
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