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Tim Jones
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Default Welcome to the Cyclone Rotor Blades Factory support Forum

I'm very pleased to announce the creation of the Factory support and discussion forum for Cyclone Rotor Blades, here on Helifreak! Cyclone has its very own forum now where everything will be consolidated. Here Pilots can discuss the blades performance, share opinions, photos and videos. As well as getting sneak peaks on new products, Official announcements, videos, and release dates on new blades. I encourage this to be a place where people can interact with factory representatives and team pilots on how to tune their helicopters, and get the best performance possible out of Cyclone Blades. So please, share your setups, tips and tricks, as well as your'e experiences with the blades. Have a request for a certain size blade? We're listening! If we can gather enough support for the size you're interested in, we'll make it happen! Here at Cyclone we are all about better performance for our helicopters and improving the hobby anyway we can. Feedback from our fellow pilots is highly valued and appreciated! Thank you guys for all you're input and Thank you Helifreak for giving us a means to give a little back! Now lets enjoy the new forum
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I gotta tell ya Tim, You've ruined my son n I forever,lol. We can only fly Cyclone blades now. I crashed my 700 a bit ago, when I got it fixed up we decided to put a set of an other brand that we had in the hobby room on until our new cyclones came in. That flight lasted all but 2 min., just didn't feel right at all n the heli sat for a week 'til our blades came in from A-main. Thank you so much for these awesome blades and for taking the time to chat with my boy on FB. If you keep making different sizes, we'll keep buying them. I'd like to see Cyclones on all the helis in our fleet.

Mahalo Nui loa from your friends in Hawaii,
Cory & Kiilani
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Default Welcome to the Cyclone Rotor Blades Factory support Forum

helism th
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Default Welcome to the Cyclone Rotor Blades Factory support Forum

Would love them for the x5. 520 size

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Me too!
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I stretched my x5 just so I can run everything I own with cyclones. Its so easy to stretch the x5 to run cyclone 555 blades. Just use a x7 boom and TT. Make it about 2" longer than the stock boom and TT. I've pair them with 95mm tails. The blades, customer service and peace of mind the blades stay together was worth every penny to stretch my x5.

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Dennis Everett
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Default website ?

whats the website ?
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Matt Nasca
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Originally Posted by Dennis Everett View Post
whats the website ?
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Question to whoever can answer, is Cyclone blades still up and running?
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