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Default Where is the Panteradise 2016 thread?!?!

Regardless, I had a great day in Panteradise today.
It's been along time coming but I'm finally here.
Completed installing the FBL controller on my ePantera Quattro over the week and was able to test fly it today. Other than needing to dial in the tail and adjust the gains for the FBL (was feeling a little mushy) it flew great!
I was even able to get inverted! Did a few loops and rolls to boot.
Can't wait to get it dialed in and put some more batteries through it.

I love the nitro, but I'm also becoming a fan of the electric. It was nice to just plug in and go, with no clean up afterward. I did miss the smell and sound of nitro though. But it's a fair trade off to hear those blade farts better...

I'll post pics as soon as I get them developed.

J/K!!! My friend is doing some post processing and as soon as he is finished I'll post them on the pics thread.

Keep 'em flying!
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Default You just created it!

Had a nice flight this evening in the parents' back yard when I went over to help my Dad with a small project. Using a BD3SX just as a tail gyro and a flybar for the rest. The Stage II conversion makes sure that those blade farts sound great (not to mention the easy and great sounding startup)!

Planning to fly again after work tomorrow. Can't get enough Pantera! It's my only machine!
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Default Panteradise pictures and a LOOP!

Had a great time at the field yesterday after work. I was doing stall turns and got pretty brave. I figured since I was pitching the machine pretty much vertically and was ending up with enough altitude coming straight down out of the turn, why not just roll it all the way over, add a little negative pitch and try a loop? Well, just thinking about it had my heart beating about three times as fast as normal. I did a few more passes, came down the field fast, went up into a stall turn and I did it!


Having never done anything in the way of inverted flight before, this was just a bit outside my comfort zone, but what a great feeling! Of course, the first loop was followed by a few more loops.

The Hi-Viz tape on the tail makes it really stand out
Click image for larger version

Name:	20160822_162801.jpg
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I love that canopy!
Click image for larger version

Name:	20160822_162903.jpg
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I've upgraded to a metal swash (Synergy N5) and it flies wonderfully
Click image for larger version

Name:	20160822_163049.jpg
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The 630 Kv Pmax motor is a MONSTER
Click image for larger version

Name:	20160822_163101.jpg
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Can you spot the Pantera? I had the whole field to myself!
Click image for larger version

Name:	20160822_163259.jpg
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ID:	668010

It's been so far so good with the Glacier 4S 5000 mAh 45C packs and the Castle EDGE HV 120 ESC. I love the ability to set the machine down and spool up. No starting, no glow plugs to change, no tuning, and no mess!
"I don't care that they stole my idea, I care that they don't have any of their own" - Nikola Tesla
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Congrats! Always feels great to checkoff something new
Say "Ya" to da U.P eh!?!
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That's a great looking flying field, too. You mentioned packs, have you tried it on just one pack yet? A local fellow is flying his Quattro on one single 4S pack and having a blast with low-RPM flight. Note, you'll need longer tail blades if you experiment with this.
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I'm the guy John is referencing in the above post.

Panteradise 2016 is alive and well rest assured. KB3TUO, congrats on your progression! I too just performed my first loops and flips with the Quattro. Man, what a RUSH! Nothing but the good kind of adrenaline.

As eluded to, I am doing this on using half of your pack at a head speed of 1070 RPM. I've settled on 105mm tails. It took me a while to grow a sack large enough to attempt this aerial buffoonery because this set up is great for general flying up to stall turns, but did not feel up to the task for the loop. I am sure that better pilots can manage the collective better, with time I will too.

I managed 4-5 sloppy, lethargic loops and managed to lose one at the bottom after arresting the heli with max collective. Not a dumb thumb per se, I just got caught out trying to make a pretty loop on the backside. I cut my losses trying to fight through the bog and subsequent instability and had a hard landing (but I did get TH!) The flips seem to work easier.

Get out and fly!

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I still fly mine! OS55. The unsanctioned field I fly at was 50% helis and 50% planes 3 years ago and now is 90% FPV drone racers. Now I run into people who have never seen a large nitro fly, so that's kinda weird for me. Anyway I've flown at least once nearly every weekend since July 1 in my Panteradise. I've even tried the FPV with the quads and it's surprisingly difficult, changing perspectives. Recently, on my Pantera I've even managed to cross the field inverted, turn around and come back. Talk about shaky knees! Enjoy it! Kinda cool there are so many versions of the heli out there for different tastes.

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Panteradise Alive and Well in Ohio this weekend!
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