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Default 600mx v 4025 on a 700?

Guys, getting ready to shave as much weight off my Goblin 700C as possible.

After doing a little research it appears a pyro 700-52 is a good choice for a motor on a 700, and it's a 3kw motor @ around 390grams.

Looking in the 3kw range turns up a bunch of 4025's like the scorp 4025-550 which weighs in @ 354g.

Looking a little further I turned up the 600mx which is rated @ 3.3kw weighing in at 340g

I don't want a complete dog here, so I'm not sure where to land on the power system. I currently have a 4525-520u which weighs in @ 500g.

I'm also planning to convert my 700C into basically a stretched 630c and run either 6s 5k, or 12s 3300 - 4000 (undecided).

I'm shooting for around the 4.5kg range.
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I have used a bunch of 600MX/510s but only in 600 size helis and they have been extremely capable. My first 12s 600 was a Hirobo SDX converted to electric, so the gearing options were very limited (only an 85 tooth main gear).

I used a Hobbywing 70HV and trying to just guess at a reasonable throttle % and on the maiden flights we tachoed it and I was getting 2370 headspeed! It was an absolute rocket (and this was a heavy airframe, it came in at 4.2kg with a couple 2600mah packs).

My thought would be that if you can gear it long enough it should work. I think the bigger motors can deliver more torque at lower throttle due to the larger can but the 600mx really punches above its weight, I'd be curious to see how it works.
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