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Angry Why my Zeal 325 always vibrates

So it is my first FBL conversion for my 450, the head is Tarot DFC split lock equipped with IKON controller, and i have those new 325mm blades for it, it makes terrible vibration in the head,, first of all the blades are very stiff compared to my other CFs and also heavy, 33g each compared to 19-22g for my others.

I have balanced it very well, but it is still makes heavy vibs, the heli would destroy it self, other blades seems to spin very smooth in the same head, then i tried the Zeals in my other FB soft damper head and it also makes vibration but very less than the DFC.

Is there something i mess here?, also there is a 0.3 mm difference in thickness between grips, i shimmed it but no difference..
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Check the blade's cg..
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That's strange, have used zeal blades in 4 sizes on 3 different helis and all have been perfectly balanced right out of the package. 255, 285, 2 sets of 325's and 360mm. Maybe you got a bad set or there's something else going on?

A friend of mine that likes to remove the mainshaft/head assy and balance the whole thing added tape to his but all he did was throw his zeals out of balance.
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actually, i just checked CG, by rolling it on main shaft, bolted the blades together and scissored it and marked them in the middle, put em on a shaft and i got about 2 mm of movement difference before the other blade tips, fixed it with tape opposite to each other until they tip almost at the same time., the blades have the exact same wieght.

just did a quick test spin holding the heli in my hand, as soon the head loads up, i find it pretty smooth, may be stiff dampers requires the blades to be perfectly balanced.

but anyway, this set of blades is pretty bad because i have a large wide tape on one blade to just correct for the 1 gram difference in weight plus the other tip root tape to bring on the cg, and still have a 0.3 mm difference in blade grip, one is holding well in the head and the other is playing up and down, should i shim it or leave it.
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Originally Posted by kemo1988 View Post
just did a quick test spin holding the heli in my hand,
Never do this /\
Here's how I do all on mine.
Check cog one at a time and mark.
Hand them on finishing nail and compare cog as well as if they hang parallel.
Weigh and mark lighter one
Add weight to the lighter one , loose pieces of packing tape till there the same. Now you know how much you need.
Place on blade balancer and apply the same amount of tape at the point they balance and in favor of correcting cog if needed.
Wrap tape and trim at trailing edge.
Start all over again.
COG the same, weight, hang parallel to each other and even on balancer.
Do this and spin up just below mid stick close to 0 deg and make sure the pitch is equal at mid stick/ digital gauge also rock the blade and see where the slop goes. Make equal.
My 450 at 0 will go -.2 / +.2 on each blade , smooth as silk
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While not a fan of Zeal blades, one thing I can say is that you can't compare your FB blades and FB setup to a DFC FBL. The blades are waited different and the setup is different. You can try a set of FB blades on it and see if the problem is still there. You can use FB blades on a FBL, just will be a little quicker on the cyclic. This way you will be able to tell if it is the blades or your setup.
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