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Default Pantera P6e Quattro on 4S

Long story short, I am new to helis and wanted a head speed/flight time combo that would fit my current ability. The conclusions/discoveries/experiments were an outgrowth of this thread.

Video or it didn't happen, right? Here is the heli flying.

600mm FRP blades. I used old 230s mains cut down to 115mm in the video to regain tail authority. I am currently flying at a 95mm length, but I think 100-105mm is probably best, I am having to use high settings in the iKON FBL to keep a flyable tail with the 95mm length.

The video I flew with a ESC governed HS of approx. 1100RPM.

I now use the external iKON gov with a HS set to 1070 RPM. I have hovered around 925-950RPM.

Flight times are 7:00. With landing voltages of 15.0V per pack. Based on a 7.7 to 8 mah/sec use I could push to 8min or so.

Battery is a 4S 5000mah 45C Glacier.
Promodeler 120HV ESC

So far so good, I can fly this until I decide what I want to do next. I have tinkered with 6S, and that will probably a better overall blend.

Thanks for watching!

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I forgot to post the following. I am using the Pmax 720kv motor, and fly with a 2600mah 2S Lipo receiver pack.

If I stick with this setup, I can shed some weight with switching to a more appropriate ESC/BEC combo.

Based on amp draw, I could potentially get 5 min flights with a 3300mah 4S pack. May try that next.
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That sound is FANTASTIC!
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