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150 Class Electric Helicopters 150 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default Get a 150x?

I have a Blade Nano CPS and it is kinda squirrely for indoors. It does take a beating though, but you have to be fast on the sticks or it gets away from you fairly quickly. I am thinking about replacing it with a Trex 150x. Is that good choice? How durable is it?
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As someone just starting out, I prefer the Nano to the 150X indoors … I’ve bounced the Nano off a computer monitor without any problems - I would not want to do that with the 150X, which is much more powerful.

I could see where someone with more experience might prefer the 150X for the smoother control.

See my other thoughts at

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Heard terrible things about the 150x
And the nano isn't worth mentioning
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Ive got both. Stick with cps or similar power for indoors. Unless you've got basketball court you can use regularly. Ive hit many things with the nano and never worried. First spool up didnt go as planed with 150 and i was a bit worried till i got my hand cleaned up.

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XK K110 Rtf . And the Xtra battery's with charger . The 150x is not really a beginner helicopter and will break 90% of the time in a crash.
The k110 has 6axis and 3axis mode . I Garantie you will love it
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I'm obsessed with my 150X. However, it is definitely not an indoor copter. It is too fast and WAY too powerful. It has a high head speed and strong rigid blades = not forgiving. It is great fun to fly outside even in confined spaces. Which is where this heli shines. You don't have to head to the park, just a small open space outside and you're good, especially in self leveling attitude mode, a cinch to fly even for beginners. I would say though, this is a heli for intermediates, but if you pick things up fast this would be a good option. Hope that helps.
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