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Default Dynam E-Razor 450 Flybarless upgrade help

OK so I am no looking to reassign the channels that I have already set I currently have ch1 aileron/right cyclic ch2 elevator ch3 throttle/esc ch4 rudder ch5 gyro ch6 pitch/left cyclic. Now on my new copterx cx-3x1000 three axis flybarless gyro there is a slot for ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4 and batt. what channels do I plug into witch slot because unplugging channels 1-4 and plugging them in accordingly doesn't seem to make sense to me or am I wrong. Then once I unplug the channels there are 5 plugs that come out of my gyro one for rudder that has 3 wires in it, one for tail gain with 1 wire in it, one for aileron with 3 wires in it, one for elevator with 1 wire in it, and one for collective pitch with 1 wire in it. I know I am in way way over my head on this but I love to fly and a looking forward to flybarless flight so any help to get flying would be great.
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Suggest you download software for programming cx-3x1000

The setup menu gives a connection diagram(receiver), swashplate type shows servo connections.

http://fbl.net.nz/ this software is better for programming but doesn't give receiver diagram

The battery connection is not used (if you power it with the bec)

The usb cable is required for programming(IMHO using the sticks is hopeless)

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