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Default Binding the mCPx to the HP6DSM

Hey guys, This is my first post here and hopefully it's a good one. I recently bought a blade mCPx because I was tired of smashing my Blade SR and need a way to more cheaply practice 3D maneuvers. Through the research I have done I have gathered that the HP6DSM will not work with the mCPx. I found multiple dip switch positions to try but nothing really that helpful.

Well I am happy to announce that I have gotten it to fly in the 4ch mode (no idle up) with the HP6DSM that comes with the Blade SR.

There is a very strict sequence required to get it to fly in comparison with normal binding procedures. So do please read the instructions a couple of times and always check the swashplate movement and make sure nothing is reversed! If you don't follow the sequence properly your swashplate may not re-level after input, throttling up will cause it to roll, or your helicopter could float away like a balloon when you turn it on!

I made a tutorial that I will post on youtube and link here. But here are the written instructions.

As far as I can tell you must re-bind every time you want to fly or the throttle will not function.

Start with the Heli and Transmitter off. Trims centered except for the throttle trim which should be down. F mode 0. Throttle Hold 0.

Dip Switches 3 and 7 up.

Plug in Heli and set down until blue light flashes rapidly.

Pull Trainer switch on Tx and turn on. You will hear three beeps.

* This part is iffy. Sometimes I keep the trainer pulled will I move the throttle swiftly up and down and then to the left. Then let go of the Trainer. Or I let go first and then move the stick. Or sometimes it just binds. Experiment and report back if you find exactly what is required please!

The Heli should then bind and you will hear the servos chirping.


Now dip 1, 3, and 7 are up, and the heli should be ready for flight.

I had a huge amount of negative pitch from the factory I had to adjust out by twisting the links 6 times counterclockwise. Make sure the swash tilts properly with your inputs and that the swash moves up and not down with throttle input.

Unfortunately I have not figured out idle up mode yet as when I put it in that mode the CP seems to be reversed and if you put dip 1 back down the swash does not return to level when you let off the cyclic. If anyone figures it out please report back!

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