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Question AR7200BX - Swash leveling, and drift Help

I've had a BeastX and now have the AR7200BX in a Logo 550.

1. At what point during the setup do you verify and/or adjust the swash plate so it is level at 0*? I can't tell whether or not you check it in the Reference Position in Setup Menu G or while your adjusting each swash servo's center adjustment position.

2. On my maiden the model was drifting backwards just slightly. I had to feed in some up elevator to keep it from drifting. Any insight on why this might be happening?

Cyclic servos are MKS HBL665, tail is the HBL669 running 6vdc. Headspeed is around 1700 RPM.

- Dan G. -
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For menu G, with the LED out (not adjusting individual servos) you attach your servo arms on the correct spline to get them as close to level as possible, that is all you do in this part. Then you go in and adjust each individual servo to get the arms perfectly level. Do all your mechanical adjustments to level the swash and set 0 pitch while in the individual servo adjustment bit (with the LED any of the three colours).

Just done all the setup on my new machine about 15 minutes ago but it's dark outside (midnight) so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to fly it.
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Thanks! I found Ron Lund's video on this and found that my swash wasn't level. I fixed that and went and reset the collective and cyclic ranges too. I'll check it in flight this week and it should be better. I also noticed that my cyclic range had been in the purple status instead of blue. I increased the range, status is now blue.

After learning Ron's technique for swash leveling, I went back through my Mini Titan's GT5.1 controller setup to do the same thing. It was out of alignment too.
- Dan G. -
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