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550 Class Electric Helicopters 550 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Originally Posted by ic-racer View Post
There is no defined reference between the swash and the frame. Swash needs to be perpendicular to the main shaft.
5 stars, ic-racer! Here's a vid I did real quick. Got into a pissing match over leveling with a digital gauge because some where convinced it sounded to hard and the zip tie method kept popping up. You'll here it mentioned at the end, LOL. At each point I measure in this vid I normally would rock the blades slightly to see the range of slop and make all them the same. Start with leveled horns and all the links the same length.
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I agree that there are a couple of ways to use the digital gauge to find your setup without fully levelling the chassis. I guess that with the ones I own, all have a design simplicity where the main shaft is perpendicular to the landing gear mounting points and the bottom of the chassis. All my gear sets (for pod and boom) are identical height front and back and are strong enough not to flex in any given direction. None of my working benches are dead level but in each case, I use business cards under three points of the gear to get the chassis level. From there, using the digital pitch gauge is very easy to do the pitch and cyclic setup. As long as you do your leveling of the chassis the same each time, you will get repeatable results. When ever I am checking the swash, I use the typical swash three point tools so I don't need to worry about where the chassis is located. Almost every time, I am holding the chassis in my hands while setting the swash. If you have them available, turnbuckles make the most precise adjustments possible as you are no longer limited to a full rotation to get the pitch angle changed in the direction needed. As I mentioned, consistency is the best way of obtaining the best results every time. I might be one that could easily benefit from the use of the three point levelling board and not worry about the table it sits on. Take care.

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