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Default Trex 450 Pro

Hello to all

I am new to helicopters and predicably I have made some mistakes that have led me to email the experts.

1/ After a minor take off accident i damaged the gears that drive the rear tail rotor. These parts were easy to get and fit and after a test run the helicopter was ready to go.

2/ I then mistakenly left the helicopter battery connected and proceeded to surf the controller a Radio Link T6EHP-E just to see what features it had. Following the manual I pushed together the data input buttons in to open the menu to view the screens such as REVR, EPA, TRIM and N-TH by pressing the select button. During selection of the features the helicopter powered up itself instantly to 100% which then led to another crash. This time the main drive gear stripped which again was easy to get and fit. Hoping all was ok i installed the battery, turned on the controller but unfortunately I now cannot function the throttle and the throttle hold switch does not work.

3/ I have attempted to follow the setup to ensure all is back to original including the REST data reset function and I did discover that the STICK setting was on mode 1 instead of the standard mode 2, I then put it back into mode 2 but this did not assist.

4/ The helicopter will go through a series of beeps and tunes once powered up and last night just like the original incident the beeps went to constant beep and then powered up to 100%.

I hope you can assist me as I am lost to sort this matter out, i bet it is a simple thing.

Thank you for your assistance on advance

Glenn Elder

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it sounds like the throttle is not all the way down or maby reveresed
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If I can try to help, being not a good flyer but a pretty good repairer. I'd first take off any 2 of the 3 motor wires. Now turn on your tx and set everything up as it should be, checking that all servos and controls operate correctly. Swash moves in the right directions etc. Now I would disable I-th by setting it to INH and go into N-th and set it to a max of say 50 at pos 5. Make sure none of the other points are above that of course.. Set your HOLD to zero. Now if its like mine, with the right hand tx hold switch, when its up there will be no throttle and when its down you should now have a max of 50 %.

What I'd do now is disconnect your heli battery, remove the main blades and weight your skids down. Now reconnect your motor wire. ATM it doesnt matter if you get them wrongly connected. Turn on your tx with the tx hold switch up and reconnect your heli battery. God willing it'll beep and just sit there. If it does, click you tx hold switch down, throttle closed and just rev it gently to see that everything is now correct. Have a look which way the head is spinning. It should go clockwise. If not carefully swap the 2 motor wires. TAKE CARE AND DISCONNECT THE BATTERY OF COURSE !

If OK so far, then its time to reset your N-TH curve. Transmitter TX hold switch up and go into your menu. I guess it'll be linear so O 25 50 75 100 should be ok but I'm not wholly sure on your heli but it'll do for this test. OK thats about it unless you've messed the pitch curve but we'll sort that in a bit. Put your Blades back on. Connect it back up and very carefully run it up.

Also as above post says, you may have to reverse the #3 in your tx if you've changed that. Not sure how you'de check that other than running it up. But fingers crossed eh.

I hope in my amateurish way Ive helped. Come on back to me if it works. I think this is my first post on here.

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