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Default Almost Scary!!!!!

I just got back from flying, had to run through my 4 charged battery packs because its gonna get crappy here again and stay that way for a while

But none the less when I was flying the strangest thing was happening, my ES600 was flying perfect, and by that I mean absolutely no vibrations and perfectly tracking blades. It was kinda scary because this ES600 always has a vibration. The blades usually track fine but with no wind tonight they were spot on. Figures it'd be one of the few times I didn't bring my camera

Maybe one of these days I'll actually take the time to properly balance and trim it, lol.

Also my new recommendation for everyone using the smaller 5mm feathering shaft, buy a spare shaft and take one of the washers/spacers from the package and add it on one of the blade grips. The reason being that during hard flight and light 3D the feathering shaft will shift and wear the bushings out quickly, the reason for this is simply that on most 5mm feathering shafts the threads don't go far enough down for you to be able to properly tighten it down. Adding a washer allows you to get it tight enough that the feathering shaft won't shift.

In case you're wondering, only the plastic kits come with a 5mm feathering shaft, the Metal, Carbon and Semi-Metal editions use a 6mm feathering shaft. They do not suffer from the same wear problems.

Oh, I'm getting a heck of alot better at funnels, woot! I'm getting better at inverted hovering but its too cold to spend to much time practicing, my fingers go numb after 1 1/2 flights.
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