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500 Class Electric Helicopters 500 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default Setup for 500

Yo guys, i m gonna get my CopterX 500 soon, have flown 450 about a year, thinking of getting another bigger heli for my collection. may i ask whats the best setup? (like for 450, we all use 65MG, scopion 2221-8, GY401+9257), etc....

so pls kindly let me know roughly how much is required for electrical setup on this heli

1. servo
2. motor & ESC
3. gyro + tail servo
4. lipo
5. pinion gear
6. flight time for 3D

thanks guys.

oh i have just confirmed that CX500 is also clone of Trex500, only the tail is dfferent, CX500 comes with alum tail, anyway, that doesn't matter too much....
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Check if the 9650 servos will fit on the swash. Or Hitec makes some good MG servos.

For the gyro, I sugges the 401 or the 520 with a 9257 and a 6v-5v stepdown.

You'll probably do 6s or 5s; maybe 2500~3000mah.

Figure 50A ESC for 6s and 70A for 5s. CC makes some really nice ESCs.

Scorpion makes awesome motors. For me, there really is nothing else. Email Scorpion and ask them to help out. Make sure you have the cell count and main gear teeth count when you call. They will tell you the motor you need, the pinion you need, and how many amps you'll pull.

Flight times will be around 5 to 8 minutes. Personally, I never go over 6 minutes.
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