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Default Safety Inspection and TX mods

Back when I was playing around at the drag strip, the "Safety Inspection" bit me on a few occasions. I failed tech inspections a couple times for odd ball things when I first started.

In competition Heli flying, are there any tech inspections things I / we should know about?

For instance, would this make me fail a tech inspection? (yea, I allowed the rotor speed to decay way too far while trying to milk an auto to the desired landing spot)

On another topic, am I allowed to modify my tx in any manner I see fit, so long as it doesn't pose a safety risk? (I added a mid-stick collective detent to my X9303, and I love it, but it does feel like I'm cheating now )
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You have never seen Curtis' transmitters, have you? Talk about a hack job! He likes to have rudder on a twist grip on the cyclic gimbal. No one seems to mind that at a contest, including the Worlds. I think your little collective detent is more of a handicap than an advantage. Whatever floats your boat, though.

As for the long as it doesn't flex and no cracks are present, you're fine. Keep an eye on the belt, though. If it's rubbing inside you could have a breakage.
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