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Default New to this with a simple question! :)

Hi, first time looking at this, and ive already fromm just looking at photos started getting the feeling like i would love to give this a go, just as a add-on hobby! Just liking the idea of doing my local town & surroundings.

Anyway, ive noticed on alot of your setups, you using normal digi cams or dslr's, i did see the flycamone things, and presumed they were crap and confirmed that with a quick search within here. So.. my question is, how do you guys rig it so it actually snaps the foto.. in lamens terms.. presses the button! Another servo.. or electronic way?

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Servo, switch, electric switch, intervalometer in the cam, intervalometer from external program (i.e. CDHK) thats about all i can think of

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For sport shots, there are plenty of PnS cameras that produce good results. Depending on what you choose, you have a variety of trigger methods available, as noted by Daniel. Personally, I prefer an electronic trigger as they're easier to set up when reinstalling the camera in the mount vs a mechanical trigger method.
Mark Webber
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I would have to say, also being very new to the whole thing, that you can have a lot of fun and take some "decent" photos with just about any small digicam and to trigger the shutter, you may not need anything fancy for casual shooting..I just use a rubberband around the camera!
Here are some photos on a older digicam with the rubber band "trigger"
BTW, the very BEST investment I made, bar none, is the AP-2000i I bought from Mark will be blown away with how that helps you with AP..especially as someone new to this.
Good luck to you.
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