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Lightbulb E-Sky EK2-0406F (ET6I) transmitter + EK2-0900A / EK2-0905A USB simulator cable.

several new E-Sky "advanced" helicopters (e.g. Belt-CP V2, Honey Bee
King 3) come with a new EK2-0406F (001007 / 001715 / ET6I) 6-channel

It is easy to get it working with the EK2-0900A USB simulator "Softdog"
Cable (000499, included also in the E-SKy 000502 / 002203 / EK2-0905A
simulator package).

First, please notice all your "factory" settings of all transmitter
switches (turn the transmitter OFF before you start to play with it
now). Keep these notes in a safe place afterwards. You will need to
restore all switches back to these "factory" positions before you turn
on your real helicopter!

In my EK2-0406F (Mode 2), coming with an E-Sky Belt-CP V2, I have:
1. front transmitter panel: AIL = NOR, ELE = REV, THR = NOR, RUD = REV,
2. four switches inside of the transmitter, in the battery compartment
(remove the battery cover from the back of the transmitter, and then
remove all batteries from the transmitter, in order to see them; see
also as the
battery compartment of the older EK2-0406A looks the same): two (i.e.
both) separated switches down-left in the compartment : DOWN-POSITION,
two DIP switches in the up-middle in the compartment: DIP.1 = OFF,
DIP.2 = ON.

We are ready now to prepare the transmitter for a simulator.

1. Switch DIP.1 to ON and DIP.2 to OFF (this will turn off the CCPM
mode in the transmitter before you use the E-Sky's Softdog cable - both
DIP switches in the up-middle in the battery compartment, of course).

2. Put in the batteries again (the PC does not power the transmitter,
batteries are required).

3. There seems to exist a bug in the E-Sky's Softdog - you may get
random glitches / jumps on all "channels" in the simulator from time to
time - helicopter crash almost guaranteed. I have found that the
following settings help a lot. Turn the "HOV.PIT" trimmer (top-left of
the transmitter) to it's most-left "-" position (NOT "+"). Turn the
"CH5 Gyro gain" trimmer (top-right of the transmitter) to it's most-
right "+" position (NOT "-"). Switch the "GYRO.SW" (front panel of the
transmitter, up-left) to "0" (NOT "1"). Switch the "IDLE UP" (top-left
of the transmitter) to "N" (NOT "1").

4. Remove the X.TAL (front panel of the transmitter, down-left) - this
is not strictly necessary but, it will reduce battery consumption when
you play with the simulator.

You should be able to use your E-Sky's Softdog USB cable now (connect
the cable to the transmitter and to the PC, turn the transmitter ON).

It is not strictly necessary but, you might consider calibrating your
new controller in Windows. Go to "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control
Panel" and run "Game Controllers". In the "Game Controllers" window
choose "PPM", then click the "Properties" button. In the "Properties"
window click the "Settings" tab, then click the "Calibrate" button, and
then follow the instructions.

I tested this setup with two free simulators:

1. HeliSimRC

(I downloaded and installed the newest "HeliSimRC - 2.0".)

In the "Joystick" -> "Controller Select" menu choose "PPM".
Then, do "Joystick" -> "Calibrate".
Then, do "Joystick" -> "Mapping".

Set the following "Mapping":
Roll Cyclic: Choose Channel 0 and select Reverse
Pitch Cyclic: Choose Channel 1 and select Reverse
Tail Rotor: Choose Channel 3 and select Reverse
Throttle (Collective): Choose Channel 2 and select Reverse
Collective: select "Use Simulator Throttle/Pitch Curves"
Idle Up: select "Keyboard"
Throttle Hold: select "Keyboard"

You can toggle the "Idle Up" mode by two, the "I" and the "Left-CTRL",
keyboard keys. The "IDLE UP" switch of the transmitter (top-left) does
NOT work in the simulator (leave it in the "N" position).

You can toggle the "Throttle Hold" by two, the "H" and the "Right-
CTRL", keyboard keys. There is no corresponding switch in the

Enjoy ...

2. The Flying-Model-Simulator (FMS) :

(I downloaded and installed the newest "Version 2.0 Alpha 8.5".)

In the "Controls" -> "Analog Controls..." menu select "Joystick
interface", then click the "Mapping / Calibration" button.

Set the following "Mapping":
Rudder: Channel 4 and select Inv
Elevator: Channel 2 (NON-Inv)
Aileron: Channel 1 and select Inv
Throttle: Channel 3 (NON-Inv)
Tail: Channel 4 and select Inv
Nick: Channel 2 (NON-Inv)
Roll: Channel 1 and select Inv
Pitch: Channel 3 (NON-Inv)

Then click the "Calibrate" button.

From the page, you can download a suitable "Chopter X
450 SE" model:

or some suitable "Walkera" models:

Enjoy ...

Last, but not least. Do NOT forget to restore all transmitter switches
back to their "factory" positions, set both trimmers, the "HOV.PIT" and
the "CH5 Gyro gain", at the 12 o'clock midpoint (center) positions (and
insert the X.TAL again) before you turn on your real helicopter!


E-SKy Belt-CP V2 :

E-SKy Honey Bee King 3 :

E-Sky EK2-0406F (ET6I) transmitter :

E-Sky EK2-0900A USB simulator "Softdog" Cable :

E-Sky EK2-0905A simulator package :

Note also that you can find many manuals in the "Downloads" section of
the E-Sky's web page:

Hope it helps,
Best regards,

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My HF Map location
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This is great, sticky please!
"Tarbosaurus" HDX-450 SE v4 flown 96x crashed 7x 2221-8 v2; D202MGs; 2100T+DS290G belt cp 450 fl/cr 35:11x HK-450fl/cr 22:4 e-smart 600 fl/cr 13:1 Lama V4 fl 7 HK-T500 fl/cr 5:1 3026-1210; HS-225MGs DX6i Total flights: 171; crashes: 24 "Accident Free for 1 Flights!" ---
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You could also just use the 20 buck cable powered one esky's offering....
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Default EK2-0406J on Reflex RC USB device

I am not sure if I am in the right place. I have the EK2-0406J transmitter from my HBK3 and the supplier provided a USB cable and its not being detected from Windows XP as one of the game controller. When I first plugged it in, it said it was installing the device and after that it said it can now be used. I later found out that the USB Cable is the Reflex RC USB device(Device Manager). Does anyone know how can I set this up properly? Mr Google is not so helpful regarding the topic. Any help is very much appreciated.

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ek2-0406f, ek2-0900a, ek2-0905a, softdog, usb cable

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