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Default Sherline CNC Mill, good option for beginner?

I have been wanting to get a mill for a while now. I have no experience in that field, or in CAD/CAM however I do have experience making 3D objects with Blender and vector graphics with other software so my mind could probably wrap itself around CAD without too much effort.

I am looking into the Sherline CNC Mill, the "2000" model and the accessory package. Is this is good starting point that will see me through learning and most hobby level milling? Would that be everything I need except for a monitor, as their web site states?

Is is reasonable to expect that machine to mill foam blocks, plastic blocks, aluminum blocks and maybe carbon fiber sheets? I hear that milling CF is hard to do at low RPMs, so maybe that is out of the question for this mill.

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Id step up into a taig for not much more as it is a stronger mill. You will grow out of the Sherline quickly. the sherline doesnt have the rpm or rigidity to mill CF reliably I dont think.

The taig can do all that you ask and more.
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I own and sell both Sherline and Taig mills. I also manufacture upgrades for Sherline mills that will increase the capacity and rigidity to beyond what Taig offers. I also own and use a CNC Shoptask as well as a CNC Bridgeport series II and a Haas vertical machine center. Point is I am quite familiar with many machines.

The Sherline and Taig both have almost the same capabilities. To get the higher spindle speed with the Sherline you have to upgrade it to the 10K rpm pulley set. A CNC Taig has that speed out of the box. In stock form the Taig 2019 has more X travel than a Sherline. I would advise against a Sherline 2000 and recommend a 5400 instead. With a Taig don't consider the 2018, you will be happy to have the added capability of the 2019.

If you go with a Sherline we can sell you an A2Z CNC upgrade to increase capacity in X, Y, and Z. When you are done it is what we refer to as a monster mill and has about as much capability as you can get in a desktop machine. We plan to introduce a Taig X upgrade later this year that will increase the travel by about 6 inches to 18" or so.

We offer discounts on all Taig products, but do not have the mills listed on the site at the moment as we stopped stocking them when we ran out of space. Moving our overflow warehouse to a new larger location tomorrow and will start stocking the Taig mills again.

On Sherline to keep them happy with the dealer agrement, we do not offer a discount, but do give you free A2Z CNC upgrades and accessories. Details on our e-store at

Bottom line is a Sherline will do what you want just fine. So will a Taig. With either brand, I do not recommend the factory CNC units. Get the CNC ready versions, buy a Gecko G540 drive, get motors and power supplies from any number of venders such as Camtronics or and get Mach software from Artsoft. You will have a great setup that will make may great parts.

Here is a link with one of our Monster mills including a video of it doing some 3D machining.
Here is a link to one of our dealers that does our monster mill as a private label machine they call the 3000

I also sell carbon panels.

BTW, routing carbon panels does not take much of a machine.

Denver, CO
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