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Let me tell you that's still good flying to me. Mastering of orientations, smooth 3D. I don't care too much for smack myself. Yes today we have more power but this doesn't help us with collective management. I'm no old fart myself, but I think maybe today we just want more just to get more when there's really no point and this doesn't make us more skillful at all.
A LOT of people have 100 times more power than they need or that they know what to do with IMO.

There are new appealing moves though (Kyle Dahl in Vegas is a great vid and inspires me a lot)
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Yep, that's what I was saying, too. I like that style - I'm with you.

I like aerobatics and some 3D, but enjoy it most when it's smooth and graceful, rather than crazy-smak style.

That being said, I still like the power that is there these days with the higher C packs. If for nothing else, these newer hi-c packs provide better performance overall (not just power). By that I mean they charge quicker, run cooler, lower IR etc.
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I'm too late to get in on the revo, aren't I..

Just found out about if yesterday
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