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Default Pro 2 Power, to much

This may be a general question but it happens with our CP2, this ship is the hardest thing in the heli world to fly(for me). My son can fly it pretty well, we are only noobies and I can only fly well enough not to crash it, aleast not to bad of a crash. The problem is this: the first 3-5 min. of flite, the ship is as unpredictable as a my best girl friend, after the battery power goes down a little it is much easier to fly, it is like all moves of the stick are over expoed, has anybody else had a problem like this? I hope I have explained this problem well enough to get the idea of our woes.

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I have some news, some good news, some great news, and some terrible news for you.
The news, is that the issue isn't with the sticks, or the TX at all. This is what is happening. As heli battery drains the main motor gets less powerful, and as you slowly bump the throttle up to compensate the collective pitch increases. That means that the head speed (rotor RPM) will drop over the life of the battery. Higher head speeds help with stability, but it also makes the heli much more responsive to control inputs (as in more sensitive to your every move.) Lower head speed gives lower sensitivity, but also less control authority.
The good news is that you have already recognized that there is a difference in performance as the battery drains. That will help you to predict how things are going to change over the course of the flight.
The great news is that with patience and a lot of practice, you will get better at figureing out what the heli is doing, and what stick movements you need to be making. ("Movements" usually means multiple stick axies being moved simultaniously!)
Now the terrible news...sorry man but sombody has to give it to you straight up. The more you practice in this hobby the better you will get. Then you will want more helis, better helis, bigger helis and you will want to fly them and get good at flying them. You will realize that it will take time, effort, energy, and a couple of bucks to get good at flying them. But, no matter how good you get at flying helis, your best girl friend will still be as unpredictable as....umm......umm......umm......umm....well, I just can't think of anything else to compare it to!

Good luck and have fun,

ps. Look at a lot of other threads, there is a mints worth of advice out there!!
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