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Default Starting off with good habits.

I am very new to rc heli's, and have been reading a lot of post. I currently own a mCX, and CX3, and have been doing all of the research on the care and safety of these heli's. I know that they are a lot safer than the other single rotor models, but I have children at home to worry about. I never fly with them in the same room, but they have been known to roam into the room while I am flying. I plan on building a HK-450 in the near future, and have started to put into practice the good habits that make safety a priority. I know use throttle hold on both the mCX, and CX3 while connecting the battery. Some may say what is the point they are small, and not likely to do harm. I am doing this to carry this habit over to the larger HK-450. I believe that one can never be to safe, and that even the small heli's can cause damage. It is never to early to start teaching one's self safety.
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Great habit to get into now. I didn't have throttle hold on some time back when i plugged in my 450, picked it up by the tail boom and picked up the tx with my other hand to move it to the launching point. (major brain fade!!!)
Anyway, as you can imagine, i managed to bump the tx throttle lever and the heli spooled up! the bades cut across the top of my right arm (uncovered) and the result was several nasty cuts, lots of bruising and a large chunk removed from my forearm. I was able to knock the throttle down quickly but the damage was done. hurt like hell and took a few weeks to get the bandages off, i have some scars that will be there forever to remind me of the day i was a complete tool!
Anyway, good on you for thinking smart, repetative actions are a great habit to get into, i cannot plug in a battery now without checking throttle hold and it is the 1st switch i hit as the heli touches down.
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Check out the safety rules stickied at the top of this page and they will get you started on the right foot.

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