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Default Zanoah Lineage? G23,G26, G230.....

Can some please tell me what the Zenoah heli engine lineage is?

I have a G23PUH from an old bergen gasser. I am looking for an power upgrade, but i see so many different zenoahs out there and and trying to find out what the newest model is.

I seen out there....


and whats the difference between the WT-643 and 644 carbs? How do you tell what one you have?

is there a web site that talks about what engine parts are compatiable with what. I would like to upgrade my engine if possible before i buy a new one, but i think mine is one of the real old ones that not parts interchangable with the newer ones....

Thank alot.
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I don't know alot but from what I have gathered, the G231 is the upgrade to the G23, and the G260 is bigger than the G231 (I think is the internal stuff, not the size of the motor).

And the 644 has a choke built in and I think the 643 dont have choke.


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PUH is the heli version used in most gasser helis. The RC has an integral fan, and is only used in the Vario int he heli world.

23 and 231 ar 23cc displacement. 26 is 26cc.
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PUH stands for Power Unit Helicopter.

There's one more engine type. It's the oldest version called KG22
It is the worst engine of all, it has ignition points and it runs short on power.

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If you have an old G 23 that is in good shape call Hanson. If your motor,,specifically the crank and rod are in good shape he can use them as he did with mine and build a Hanson 26 pro plus at a lower cost than a new one.
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I've got a functional G23 here that I'm doing nothing with... might consider having this 260 mod done to it if it is more cost effective.
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How about the 270? ASI is building my camship and I asked for some extra power, so It will come with the 270 mounted :-)
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