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Default A tx is a wind machine

Maybe I am wrong... but if I grab my tx and hold it outside where the sky can see it... I swear to God the wind will blow over fifteen miles an hour or worse. If I leave the tx in the case and go to work It will be a windless day. Come home and open the door and proudly display the tx to the sky will equal at least a fifteen to twenty mph steady wind or perhaps even a 40 mph gust.

My brother suggested going to "control line helicopter". lmao. (planker) I'm going to try more subtal things like maybe holding it upside down before I let it see the sky and see what happens. I know... find an indoor place. Easier said than done. It's just that I have a perfect place to fly right here in my apt complex. I know I'm venting but still.... even at six in the morning?
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I hear ya groovey,

If I charge up all my batteries, the forecast in Oregon changes to RAIN

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You're encouraging the wind by giving in. Go fly anyway and the elements will give up and stop tormenting you. Planks don't, but helis love wind.
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You want the wind to stop blowing? Take up kite flying.
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Originally Posted by cbflys View Post
You want the wind to stop blowing? Take up kite flying.
LOL That's why I got into this hobby! Not enough wind for my Blue Moon!

Now when the wind blows, I grab my kite bag; when it stops, I grab my DX7!
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Yup... all I have to do is go to the beach and rig a windsurfing sail...
shazam... no wind.
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