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Default Outrage 1700KV Bearing Replacement

Re Outrage 1700KV Bearing Replacement:

Are there any instructions on how to do this? Is it a similar process to replacing the bearings in the scorpion -8 motor?

Does anyone know what size the bearings are, how many etc?

Anyone else felt the need to do this?

My heli has started to get noisier and make a screaching noise, I wondered if it might be the motor bearings. In the past I replaced the scorpion -8 bearings with ceramic ones and it quietened it down quit a bit.

Any comments/experiences welcome.

Cheers Geoff.
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The motor separates easily with the pinion off. Look at the magnets too. If you need to change the bearing then put the new one in the freezer and use a soldering iron to heat the case by the bearing to get the old one out. Once removed put a thin layer of bearing retainer where the outer race wall will sit. Insert the new one fresh from the freezer.
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Default Main shaft

Just wondering, Have you checked your main shaft bearings?? Could be them making the noise. My G5 in new, about 20 packs thru and I'm a beginner. I noticed right away that my main bearings had a lot of play, forward and back!!! Not up and down!! So much that I'm gonna replace them and I'm wondering if anyone also has this issue???? If so I would get new bearings somewhere other than the G5 replacements.
Otherwise Man I really LOVE this heli!!!!! Un godly power!!!! Handling is great but the power WOW!!!! AND long flights!!!!
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