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Originally Posted by okteister1 View Post
They are for pinning the blades for inverted auto rotations.
That's true for the holes in the grips, but the grip arms are the ones in question here.

I reckon the holes are for setup, getting zero pitch using a rod through the holes.


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Sorry didnt look close enough at the picture - I was meaning for the holes in blade grips.
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Heli G
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Originally Posted by zmooth View Post
I was assembling a new kit and I noticed these holes

no clue what they're for, anyone knows or can guestimate ?
I spoke with Jan and the holes in the blade holder arms are just for manufacturing reasons.
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They're 3mm diameter. Perfect to stick two 3 mm drivers in and check for 0 pitch ! If both drivers are paralel to each other nad to the main shaft you're good to go!
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I figured it would be nice for the speed addict to have advice from popokatepetl of BD on how to set up the BD3sx for speed in a sticky
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