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Default New Product - G-Force ProStart "anti-shock" for cordless drill/drivers

G-Force ProStart (patent pending) released for nitro helis

The G-Force ProStart will take starting nitro engines to a new level in the industry by utilizing worldwide availability of cordless drill/drivers.

In fact, many pilots around the world have been starting 50 and 90 sized engines using cordless drill/drivers for years.

Benefit and convenience of using cordless drill/drivers for starting nitro engines
Todayís cordless drill/driver is a refined workhorse tool that is commonly bundled with quick-change fast charging batteries with a charger and a carrying case. These batteries are either NiCad or Lithium Ion. With the ease of being able to quick battery changes, a pilot can have all the available starting power with convenience. A cordless drill/driver with a 200 in-lb rating is suitable for 50-sized helis, versus ratings of 400 in-lb of torque is needed to start a 90-size engine with ease. An adjustable clutch is used to prevent damage to a possible hydro-locked engine. The cordless drill/driver also has an rpm range of around 1200 rpm to 1500 rpm, which does not over spin a nitro engine during starting.

Cordless drill/driver challenge for engine starting without G-Force ProStart
Since cordless drill/drivers were never designed to start heli engines but to drill and drive screws. Once the cordless drill/driverís clutch slips and re-engages, the hammering effect and shock will be transmitted directly to the nitro engine that is being started.

G-Force ProStart product design and features
The G-Force ProStart (patent pending) is an anti-shock drill/driver adaptor which is designed to isolate the shock generated from the cordless drill/driverís from getting to the heliís engine drive train. The G-Force ProStart uses dampers that isolate the shock from the cordless drill/driver to the nitro engine and the heli clutch system. The G-Force ProStart also incorporates additional dampers to soak the wobble vibration that can occur from long 6mm hex starter wands.

The G-Force ProStart will work with most of todayís starter wands. The G-Force ProStart has a standard 7mm hole for accepting the common 6mm hex starter wands. Optional 8mm and 5/16 shaft adapters are available for those who use clamp-on starter wands. G-Force also has available cone starter for RC planes as well.

GFA7066 G-Force ProStart for 7mm shafts with 6mm hex drive
GFA7067 8mm adaptor shaft
GFA7068 5/16 adaptor shaft
GFA7069 aluminum drive cone

For more info on this product, visit G-Force web site at
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