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Default Raptor 30 tuning and first upgrades?

Hi,I have been flying my new to me Raptor around the past few days and am really enjoying it.At first I was a little dissapionted with it because it seemed to run a little rough and just didn't seem to have any power,I switched fuels from O'Donnel to another brand and the heli has come to life.I do still have to spool up slowly because if I give alot of throttle right away it will stall out.Is that normal with a nitro heli?It seems to run perfect at high RPM's .My Raptor is a bone stock V1 with wood blades and I was just wondering what upgrades will make the most difference in the performance of the heli.Should I upgrade the blades first?Thanks
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I've got a 30 v1 and the best upgrade has to be an os 37.
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a half decent set of CF blades will make a big difference if you are going to get a new motor get a fifty and upgrade before you buy good blades.
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600mm carbon blades….! Best first upgrade by far!
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You need to work on your engine tune, it should not stall out when giving throttle. Tune your main needle first for performance, then the idle needle for for idle and off idle performance. Look in the engine tuning section for specific info for your engine.

Don't put 600 carbons on a Rappy 30, they are too big.
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Thanks for the reply.I have always had electric heli's and I think I am going to stick with them for now.I ended up selling the Raptor and getting a T-Rex 500 I really like the Raptor but I guess I am just more of an electric guy.I am in the process of building the T-Rex 500.Hopefully I don't regret my choice.We shall see.Thanks
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You will not regret it. I have had the V1 and V2 raptor 30s in the past and I still have a Trex 500. The 500 flies better and has more power and no engine tuning. There are alot of guys that are really good at tuning nitro engines but I am not one of them.
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