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Default Vibrating / Shaking / Instability with Esky King 3

Hey guys. So I am having a problem with some shaking and instability with my King 3. I had a crash about a week ago and replaced some blades, runners, and a servo, but something else is making it shake. I set the pitch of the blades and flybar after changing all the parts also. I still have my training gear on and i can see its shaking on the ground, and I also had it hovering today right next to me and I could tell its shaking around in the air as well. It doesnt seem like the main shaft is bent when i spin it up in the house and hold it down, and i dont see anything else that appears broken. Any ideas what could be causing it?

Also, I think the gyro might be acting up since the crash. I havnt been flying long, just a few times, but I remember the Heli being fairly stable when giving it an increase or decrease in power. I gave it about half throttle today in a take off and it spun almost half way around before catching itself. How much should I have to correct the rudder when hovering or increasing and decreasing power? Does this sound normal, broken, or in need of some kind of adjustment? Thanks!

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It's almost certainly your Mainshaft or Spindle.
Jason Greenwood
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It is most likely the feathering shaft.

It seems they always bend in any crash. You should order some hardened shafts - they're a little better.

John in Atlanta
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If you want to be sure, replace all three shafts (main, feathering, tail rotor) after every serious crash... then you're sure to start tuning from solid ground.
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Default Hardened shafts

You might want to consider the aftermarket "Hardened" versions of main and feathering shafts. The King 3 is a little tough to get to the main shaft. You have to split the frame to get to the mainshaft.
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