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Default One Way Bearing

Is there an easy way to get the one way bearing out of your main gear? Should it just push out?
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Do some searches and you'll find many posts about this. There are special tools for it but you can find a socket or something just the right size and with a vice or C clamp you can press the old one out and press the new one in. If you are replacing the gear then you can press the oneway out of the old gear and right into the new on all at the same time. Be sure to note the orientation of the bearing and get it back in the right direction.
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I used socket the same size of the bearing and hammer it out.
are you using the one your taking out to install on the new gear?
if so you this is what I did. I put the new gear without the bearing on the bottom
and the one with bearing on top of it. ( make sure there facing the same way)
and just hammered it thru right on to the new gear. if not well then just hammer it till its out I guess
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