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Default Welcome and please contribute

This forum is for information about RC flight simulators other than RealFlight G3/G2 and Reflex XTR. While those are the big players in the RC flight sim market, there are a few folks using other sims.

I use FMS and ClearView. I do plan to switch to Reflex XTR (RealFlight G3 won't run on my notebook computer, Reflex will) when I can find a good price on a used copy. Until then, I will try to make ClearView work better.

FMS is what it is. There is not much you can do to improve the physics (to the degree it mimics physics at all) in FMS. However, FMS has some very nice features:
Price--it's free. Can't beat that.
Helis are easy to fly. At least I think they are.
It is very useful to learn stick control at various orientations, such as nose-in and inverted.

If you are unsure about using a sim, download and try FMS from

Get a controller to USB cable. You can get them from and, other suppliers. For the small investment of $35 (US) you can start using a sim with your own controller.

If you want to get a little more sophisticated program, ClearView is $30 (US) from

A new sim (2006 September 01) can be seen here The price looks to be about $130 (US). I don't have any information about that product.

If anyone wants to list additional sim software, please reply to this post with any information you have.

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Great idea JR.

I too started with FMS and ClearView. I just recently picked up a 2nd hand copy of Relfex/XTR.

I agree with all your initial comments.

A lot of people bag FMS, but IMO any sim is better than none, and FMS is great for initial experimentation, learning orientation, getting a feel for the controls and trying to figure out the stick movements for a new manouvre.

A big plus is that it will run on really low-end hardware. I helped a friend get it going on a P3-866 with 16MB motherboard graphics.

ClearView is much more sophisticated and much better than FMS and I think it is great value. It has true photofields, sophisticated physics and lots of features.

The author is very active and responsive, implementing enhancement requests within a week or two. He has new releases and upgrades almost every month and CV is certainly ahead of Reflex/XTR in terms of features.

The user interface is a little clunky at times. This has no affect on flying, just when navigating the configuration menus and dialogs. It's mostly an aesthetic issue, the functionality is all easy to find and works pretty well.

On the physics front all I can say so far is that CV and XTR feel very different. Flying on CV is definitely harder than on XTR. I am not sure which is more realistic, at the moment I am tending to XTR by a little bit. I can fly circuits and figure eights and hover nose-in on XTR, still struggling with all of those on CV.

There are lots of extra models available for CV which is fun. All the updates and all the models are free for life, which is also nice.

CV needs a lot more PC grunt than FMS. I run it on my Dell D600 laptop (PentiumM, 1.8GHz, 2GB, 64MB Radeon 9000M) and it runs OK, but is pushing the PC to the limit. I also run XTR on the laptop but have to run at the lowest scenery resolution, which is still great. XTR really runs very well on my desktop (Athlon 3000+, 1GB, 128MB Radeon 9800 Pro).

Like you no doubt, I have been watching their website for about six months. Their first ship date slipped by a couple of months. The marketing is very enticing and impressive. They are clearly targeting G3 and XTR, their presentation looks more like XTR to me. Still no downloadable demo and I have yet to see a review or a post from anyone that has used it for real. Their initial release has a strange (to me) selection of models, and does not include any Raptors or TRex, which I thought are the most popular helis around?

At $130 Phoenix is very cleverly priced and since they say it includes lifetime upgrades and all new models, is appealing. It will take a while to gain any momentum, but if good reviews start circulating I think a lot of people that have been saving up for XTR/G3, even second-hand, will take the plunge.
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Hi Guys My name is Ken I am very new to The RC Heli world.I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with the SIM Pre Flight its been out awhile They have a brand new version,The Sim is out of Australia The new version was just released Jan 28th this year.I ordered It its in shipment.They let you download the program when you buy it,but the program comes with a Disc USB adapter & cable,3d glasses & instructions.I have been practicing with my ESKY dummy trans but I haven't been able to set up my real transceivers (Esky 6ch 2.4ghz one is Belt trans and one is a honey bee trans)Without the USB adapter that is matched to your transceiver.

I ordered the super heli addition It has 60 real on the market helis to fly.They have what they call Real photo scenery.It is comparable to clear view.My laptop wont run CLEAR VIEW my video setup is not good enough.

The program PRE FLIGHT works good on my laptop with the esky dummy trans.
they tell you where you can go online & get lots of scenery that I guess you convert to work on PRE FLIGHT. You also get 3 times that you can send in a series of photos of your flying field where you fly & they convert it for you & send it to you..

I really like that the copters on the program are all real life helis not just the TREX which my or may not fly like the real thing.I payed with shipping $49.95 you can get a single version like just WALKERA for $35.00 or any other brand of heli.

I did down load the trial version of clear view & try it out on my laptop it had a picture & worked but when I crashed it would take like latterly 15 seconds to reset.and sometimes the video would jump around & skip frames.Im sure this was due to my video setup & NOT the fault of clear view.

I am excited to get the disc & USB adapter in the mail I will keep everyone posted in the future when I get it all setup.I don't know if PRE FLIGHT has a new trial set up on there web site when I tried the trial off there web site it was a old version & it said to get the new trial version.I never found a new trial version & never asked in a email.

I also have HeliSimRc on my laptop I like it.for free I like it a lot better than FMS.I have FMS bought it with the esky dummy trans I have.I hardly ever use FMS I just like heliSimRc and PRE FLIGHT better.I really need to spend more time on the SIM and less time tinkering with my 2 copters That I have yet to fly.I'm really afraid of a HUGE crash I don't want to totally destroy my copter the first Flight.
Well anyway that's my 2 cents on HELI SIMS Happy Flying everybody!!!

I have the ESKY belt 450 cp V2- 2.4ghz 6ch
The Honey Bee CP3 ccpm 6ch 2.4ghz (has tail motor)some like the tail motor most advanced pilots don't like tail motors!!
I have on order
(micro) Fire Fox KIT copter only
HK 450 trex clone- plus ordered all the electronics for both copters great deal from Hobby King.

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I use FMS and Helisim. Personally I don't like Helisim, it's too jittery and nothing like what I've got.

FMS is as good as anything else for learning coordination, plus the helis are a lot better than those for Helisim.

I found a brilliant site for FMS helis, and the Airwolf is particularly awesome.
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