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Default tail slider

Hi all,

newbie here (hover, forward flight), all stock, with two tail-related questions:

1) being on throttle hold, when I move the collective/rudder to the right and then back to the center, the tail slider moves to the left (seen from the back) as it should be but then it moves back to the center very very slowly (like being driven by a weak spring). Is this normal? If not, any ideas for a solution?

2) (perhaps a stupid question) When you refer to the centering of the slider, which part of the slider should be centered on the shaft.

Thanks in advance.
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1st question depends on what mode the gyro is in. In rate mode, the tail slider will revert to center. In heading hold mode the tail slider won't center, until the gyro detects a rotation change.

Watch finless's 101 videos for more explinations of rate mode and heading hold.

2nd. I just make it to where theres equal amounts of space on either side of the tail slider.

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+1 on question 2,,just the same amount of metal showing on each side..Sokal has some great videos up at the the top of this thread you should also check out.
we were all noobs at one time so dont ever think your questions are dumb..thats what were all here for..
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Thanks! Yes the gyro is in HH mode so according to your reply its behaviour seems natural. I'll go through Finless and Sokal videos as soon as I find some time. Up to now I've watched only a few of them.
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