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Default Carbons for beginners?

So...Aside from cost, is there any reason for a beginner not to use carbons.

I like the idea of the better stability, and saftey in the air.

But with my blade cp (not a fair comparison, i know...apples->oranges) the woodies would break easier, but break less parts in the head in a crash.

I dont like to buy things based on "in a crash" but its good information to have really.

If for nothing other than looks...the carbons are cooler, and I dont mind the extra $$$ every now and then when i need to buy a set.

I actually plan on buying them the first time the woodies break...I've had one crash so far, and it didnt break anything but the I've been pretty lucky. Im just hovering and some slow forward flight for now, I think i could do more but im still getting used to the rappy.
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I would reccomend buying some cheap carbons first chance you get. You don't have to worry about plastic film, blade grips and they do look alot cooler. When I first used carbons I was very relieved when flying because I never trusted woodies being that they are strips of wood glued together flying around at 1600 rpm.
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The heli will fly better, and you can use higher headspeed safely. Just realize that heli blades should not be used after a crash. Even small cracks can cause major problems.
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