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Red face Esky Belt beginner problems

I've just found out why my Esky Belt CP battery takes 6 hours to charge. So far, I find that I have been able to repair the last sessions damage in that time. This saves me from getting frustrated waiting for it to charge
I am only slightly less ignorant than I was a few questions ago. My latest question: Why, when I am only skimming the grass tops, and attempt to stop, does the rotor blade clip the horizontal fin? Could the Gain on the transmitter be set too low? Are the rotors riding too low somehow? I would appreciate your help. I quite enjoy the repair work, by the way. Helps me learn.
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Sounds like the head is too loose.

Check and make sure that the nuts inside the blade holders on the feathering shaft are tight enough.. it should flex.. but not too much.

Also.. when you stop are you slowly dropping the throttle or quickly? Sometimes new pilots (myself included) tend to "panic" drop the throttle which drops the heli too quickly and momentum carries the blades into the boom.. and CRUNCH..


EDIT: When tightening the nuts.. tighten them until things feel a little "notchy" when you turn the blade grip.. then back it off JUST until it turns smoothly.
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Thank you Michael. I will check those nuts and I do tend to drop the throttle suddenly when I seee I am heading for disaster. I appreciate your comments.
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I did it myself today. Commonly know as a boom strike when the main blades hit the boom. Can happen by dumping the throttle to quickly. Sometime it just happens to strike exactly where the h.fin is!!

If you think your gonna crash, you should try the throttle hold switch if you have a tx with one. I still forget, as my latest 'progress' video shows.
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