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Default Anyone familiar with the Racon X6 TX??

I'm VERY new to RC Heli's--never hovered yet--I have an E-Razor 450 heli and it came with a Racon X6 TX. It has no fancy menu to be able to set gain for the gyro. How do you adjust gyro gain with this type of tx?
My problem is this.. I installed a new Detrum gy48v gyro and have been trying to spin it up. By about half stick up on the throttle, it's needing about half right rudder to keep the bird from spinning left. I even spun it up a little more and it took full right rudder and it still didn't hold the nose. I'm getting full throw visually on the tail rotor right and left but could it be possible it's not enough to hold the nose strait????

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I am not familiar with any of your equipment, but you will probably have to adjust the gain on the gyro unit itself (trim pot). The radio is likely "pre-programmed" and changing parameters isn't able to be done.

If your gyro came with instructions, you might want to take a look at them and double check that you have everything installed properly. It could be that the gyro isn't initializing at all (either not installed properly, or faulty) and is causing the issue.

The best advice I can give you... Find someone near you that flies, and see if they would be willing to help you out. The heli community is a great bunch of folks who are more than willing to help out others.
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