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Default 4G3 & Walkera 2801 Tx Setup

I've been flying a CB100 with a Walkera 2081 radio for some time with great success. Decided to move up to a 4G3. Great looking heli, but I just can't seem to get the programming correct. I have no tail rotor at all in 2801 mode, but do in 2601 mode, however as I bring the speed up on the main, the tail just doesn't have enough torque to hold the heli steady. By the time the rotor generates enough lift to fly the heli is in an uncontrollable spin. I'm sure the issue is one of user error. I'd certainly like to hear from anyone using this setup to get some insight to how they've programmed their radio for this heli.

Thanks much,

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Re the tail....try droping the throttle trim all the way to the bottom.

Re the pitch see post 4 here for the 2605A rx and a few posts prior for the 2605 rx:

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Originally Posted by bobrains View Post
however as I bring the speed up on the main, the tail just doesn't have enough torque to hold the heli steady.

The 4G3 reciever has a 'Mix' pot. That is the mix between the main and the tail. You need to turn yours up. Doing that will get the tail turning faster in relation to the main.

I had the same problem and this fixed it. Others have posted that it helped them too.

It really should work in 2801 mode too, it does for me.
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My prior reply was inaccurate - I've removed it.
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