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Default RX 2605A vs RX 2600

The RX 2605A on 4G3 is a 4 in 1 and the RX 2600 on Novus CP is a 3 in 1 both ready for brushless main and tail ESC, My Novus CP RX 2600 died the other day and I was looking at replacements and need to know
What are diffriences of the two?
I also seen the RX 2609 is a 4 in 1 that comes on 4G6, and I was thinking since it is newer, probly better gyro, But will it run a brushless tail ESC and can a TX 2601 be used to control it?
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Hi, the Novus CP 4 in 1 and the RX2605A (and the RX2605) should all be the same when using with the 6 channel TX, all will work with both brushed and brushless main and tail motors. Walkera don't make different parts for the Novus helis, they are all the same, it's just that often Novus get the older helis when Walkera move on to a new model.

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Watch out for the RX2609 because it will not work with the 4G3 setup. Many people are trying but few are having success. It doesn't interface with the needed esc's properly.

The Walkera RX 2605 and the Novus RX 2600 both work with the Stock TX 2601 (6) channel transmitter, no problems at all. Both recvrs will work with the Walkera 2801 transmitter, I use one, but it doesn't always bind. I sometimes have to reconnect 3 or 4 times before it works properly.

I can't speak on the RX 2605A and if it will bind correctly more often with the 2801 tx. The Walkera esc's have the connectors and electronics to work with recvrs.

EDIT - My Walkera RX is a 2605A and it does not always bind correctly. I need to try upto 3 or 4 times...

Good Luck

John L.
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Aaron - did your RX2600 start beeping when it died? Mine (novus cp) is making a beeping sound after I just upgraded to the double brushless and I'm stumped. Damn thing is brand new too...

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Default what the heck!

hi my 2605a is just hikupping beeping when I plug it in. I dont know if its just not binding to 2801. I dont remember if it always did that beep beep beep in the beginning or not... this stinks.. anyone know? it has brushless main only.
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It was the esc beeping I changed it and it works now.
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Default 4g3 to 2801 binding

Sorry to chip in guys,
I also fly a brushless 4g3 with a 2605A and have soon noticed that it sometimes does not bind with the 2801 very close to it. As the 2801 has a much higher power output then other
Walkera radios, I keep it about one yard away from the heli and it almost always binds first time.

Best Regards,

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