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Stolen, Ripoffs and Scammer alerts Post your theft, scammed, ripped off reports here

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Default Beware-Bad place to buy heli stuff!

I'm a pretty patient guy and give companies the benefit of the doubt, but this ON LINE company is terrible. At the time I needed an umbrella gear set for my Trex 600 so I could make it to a fun fly in time (a Saturday) to fly after I dropped my tail and stripped the gears. My usual known good sources didnít have them in stock. I searched around and found a company called COMPLETE HELI.COM. They were in stock there so I did an order over the net (a Monday). Anyway, I paid extra money for Fed-x Express and even verified with Fed-x what express meant-which was 3 days. So, they took my money and then shipped the gears USPS! Thatís not the end of it. I tried to track it thru the week-unable, tried to call them numerous times-(they donít pick up any phone calls), emailed them-NO RESPONSE AT ALL! Knowing mid week I probably wouldn't get them I checked again w/Heli Proz and they got some in. Had them 2 day air them in and made the fun fly. Complete heli's stuff showed up I think on Monday, I brought the UNOPENED box back to the post office, got a receipt and went straight to the bank to file a dispute to get my money back. It wasn't the amount-it was the principal. 4 months later...after Complete heli never responded to the bank...the bank took the money back for me. The company STINKS-STAY CLEAR OF THEM.
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Yep, this place has been disputed much before
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One suggestion to avoid headaches is buy those parts BEFORE you crash. That way you can order at your leisure yet be up again and flying. And for sure use Ronlunds, Helidirect, Readyheli etc... places we all know and trust.
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Since the transaction was online, hope you used a CC and not paypal, they're useless when there's a dispute. If so, simply call your CC Co. and have them remove the charge. I've done it before (thankfully not often as it hasn't been necessary). It's easy, no muss, no fuss. Try it, you'll like it...
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Sorry, I missed your "4 months later" in the second to last line; disregard above other than for future reference.
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