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Im just using the align grey mount on a KDE anti-rotation bracket. Align 3g v3. Working very good so far!
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My LHS don't have any metal anti vibration plate....For the quick fix...can I use coin quarter? Have any one try that? What's the difference? I have Align blue gel and M3 4010..tape.. going to try the coin in between them.
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Angry noob to align 3g heli is unflyable

ok guys. ive read and read and im using the 3m grey tape from walmart. i use it on everything. just got my b400 fully built. have the tarot head and align 3g on it. goes ape sh#* when i try to take off. cant even fly the dang think. had 1 layer then 2 then 3 then back to 1 layer of tape. i have went thru the setup over and over. it hasthe gel mod done to sensor. im close to oulling this 3g crap off and chunking it. i fly other fbl helis and never have any probs with them. i need help. where do i turn. i dont know what im doing wrong and im the only heli pilot here. my gains are at 12:00 pos.swash is 65% pit is 67% tx is a 9303
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where have you mounted the 3G and what heli?
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Sorry to bring back a thread from the dead but mounting tape to use on electric vs nitro are 2 completely different things.I here a lot of strapping but its not to make sure the gyro comes flying off its to pute some preasure on a gyro thats mounted with softer tape as if it were in a nitro bird.I can use 3m on an electric all day but pute that in a nitro and vibes are so bad it may screw something up or damage the gyro itself after a while.Not to mension hard take offs twitchy servos and just crazy drifting porblems.On a nitro the vibes are bad enouph you loose screws if there not threadlocked and even then you may loose a couple
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