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450 Class Electric Helicopters 450 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default SE V1 second time around :)

Hey guys,

While I've been thrashing my mCX, mSR, and getting some RealFlight time, my previously-owned T-Rex 450 SE has been sitting on a shelf. Time has come, and I'm going through her from square one. I'm getting ready to re-kit, then reassemble and set-up. I've already found one issue the previous owner had - the TR was set-up to rotate down through the main rotor's wash - so I'm starting from scratch. I'm sure I'll have more than a few questions come up, and I'll do my best to search first before starting one of those classic "what's the best oil?" threads

My little T-Rex came with no papers, so I'm doing detective work to see what she is and what I should do to give her a loving home with proper attention. She's got CF frames with lighter blue metal hardware and a 430L 3550KV motor, so obviously prior to an SE V2. The ESC appears to be a Phoenix 35.

My first issue to confirm with you gurus has to do with upgrading the tail rotor pitch assembly. It appears it's equipped with part number HS1175 - the black plastic collar of the tail pitch assembly has two pins on opposite sides of the collar, being driven by a forked yoke on this end of the plastic control arm.

I've got new parts on the way, HS1200 Metal Tail Pitch Assembly and HS1189-72 Metal Tail Holder Set. The tail rotor hub she's got now is the older version where the grip bearings are supported by the blade grip mounting screws, so I'm looking at moving on up with the "new" improved SE tail rotor hub. From what I've been told, these parts should be what I need.

Let me ask y'all something - are the Metal Tail Units and Tail Holder Sets the same for the V2, just with the darker blue color? It appears that HS1108 and HS1259-84 are identical except for color, and the same for HS1189-72 and HS1257-84.

I'm just wondering if I'll be set up as good as it can get for what I've got - I'm figuring that, as bits and pieces get replaced as I put time on her, it'll eventually become a full-fledged V2

Thanks for reading, and I'll keep you posted as I venture into a little more serious sling-winging

MSH Protos, Gaui X3, Shendrones Tweaker 180, T-Rex 450 Sport, X-Cell 60 Custom, Kavan Jet Ranger...
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