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Default Apex 2100 Puffed.....

is this pack still useable? It puffed slightly, and feels like there is air inside(squishy). I have had this pack for almost 6 months. I don't have a balancer that is seperate from a charger. I charge with a multiplex ln-5014 and balance at the end of a charge with an Align balance charger. Can I still use this battery if I charge it ONLY with a balance charger(like my align)?
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5 of my 8 APEXs have puffed. They still charge fine and give me the same flight times; however, they get out of balance more regularly.
If they have puffed after a flight and are still in balance I charge as normal (without the balancer attached). If they are not in balance I charge at a rate of .3a with balancer connected.
Monitor the charge process and track ending capacities to see if battery is loosing "life" (taking longer to charge, less MAHs back in) and you should be OK.
The Thunder Power 1010C charger is great at "fixing" batteries. When used in conjunction with their balancer, it automatically adjusts voltage for out of balance packs and then raises the charge voltage as the pack comes back in balance. Way faster charge times.
Because of the problems I've had with APEXs I no longer use them in my TREX, but in planks only. The new TP2070 Extreme packs rock.
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Dont Risk it!

It puffed becasue it became chemically unstable, and you risk having your heli blow up in flaims if you continue to fly with it. Whats worse when you are charging it you risk your house catching fire! Think about it...

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I had 10 apex packs 4 were the red 12c and two are long gone the other two are used just for adjustements and to trim. 2 yellow packs were damaged in crashes and are gone. I still have 4 yellow packs of the "new formulation" they work ok. All of my Apex packs have puffed. The Apex packs have not been used any differently than the TP prolites and extreme packs I have. My DN packs are treated the same as well. No puffing in any of the others. Try the DN packs if you want a decent low cost pack.

I saw two different types of puffing in the Apex packs, one type they get bigger but stay firm, the other is like there are air pockets in the cells. I am no expert but from the info I have seen the firm puffy packs may be the more dangerous ones. I think the air pockets in the cells just account for crappy cells. I still use them but they defintly have reduced capacity. I always charge with a balancer. I am sure somebody with more technical knowledge will correct me if I am wrong. BTW I will never own another Apex pack at least for the T-rex. Maybe to many amps for them?
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I have one that was puffed pretty good and was squishy, this was the old yellow style without the tp balancer plug. I used it many many times and it was still flying good, it got squishy almost from day one. I just threw it out because I hooked it up to my balancing charger wrong and it fried the balancer plug and wires and I figured it was time to toss it. The other one I got at the same time didn't get as squishy, but it won't hold its power anymore, charges up and then the heli will barely move. I would say its safe to use and as long as it has power, no sense throwing it out.
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