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550 Class Electric Helicopters 550 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default T-500, lift off, tail spin, crash down! :D

Decided to burn a pack after church in an empty field across the street from the church and crashed! Wasn't my flying again, which is nice. It was something with the tail again, which is lame.

It was "fine" on the ground and responsive, but as soon as it was in the air it started piro'ing like the tail wasn't keeping up with the head speed. I was able to intermittently give it forward input when it was spun in that direction to get it into the grassy field before I cut power but that didn't stop the carnage this time - no lucky auto's tonight.

Battery tray (but the pack wasn't scratched, odd), torque tube, tail shaft, tail supports, stabilizer mount, landing gear, blades of course. Probably more I haven't torn into it yet.

The only change between yesterday and today was the tail blades, I pulled those chipped CF's and replaced with the plastics but they were mounted correctly, facing the right direction, etc.

It took input on the ground because while it was spooled up before takeoff I twisted it right then left to have it tail-in so at one point that slider was centered. What the heck happened? - someone's gotta know. I must have done something else wrong.

In hindsight, I could have tried getting some height and trying to see if anything fixed it. I was in idle 1, 90% flat TC, I could have perhaps gotten enough air that I could flip into normal mode to lower the head speed thus reducing the uber-fast piro rate and then flipped TH to try for an auto? IDK. At the time I decided it was a lost cause and just ditched it when it was far enough into the field not to impale me with a blade snapping off.

Any insights on the crash?
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Maybe try adjusting the gain that's what it sounds like...sounds weird?

Oh yea your in the 550 Thread.
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blinding fast piro = somethin didn't pull the hub or grips and get them flipped did you?

slow/ moderate piro = something stripped in the tail drive. I had a plastic belt pulley strip on its shaft at about 30 ft up in a 450 one time. resulted in a 2 -3 rev/second spin as I remember. caused broken parts and a bruised ego.
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I agree with the blade grips being backwards too, almost guarantee that is the problem.
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Admin? maybe this thread should be moved to the Trex500 forum?
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crash, dang, piro, t-500, wreck

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