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Default tail rotor gearbox

I have a question regarding the tail rotor gearbox. The gearbox I got is nothing like the gearbox on the box or the advertisement. It's not the "open" gearbox that I see everywhere...on the pictures, brochures, or other people's Stratus...

Rather, I got a gearbox that is not "open" at all, and it is different looking from even my instruction manual which I downloaded from the MA website.

I uploaded 3 pics of this gearbox into MY GALLERY (please check it out). Is this a new design that I'm not aware of? Is the building process the same as before? Can someone please explain this?

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That is the correct gearbox. It is the fury Extreme I believe gearbox which is super reliable and was the best one out there before they released the open tail gear box.

During the initial kits, people had issues with the open tail box on a gasser so Minair decided to replace that with the closed box and since they found that to be reliable they have been shipping all kits with the closed box since then. I got my Spectra a year + ago (back last September) and it came with the same box you have there.

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thanks rbort.

One thing I noticed is that the MA Stratus manual has a lot more pictures in it than the spectra g manual. Since both birds share a lot of same parts, I was wondering if it's ok to use the Stratus manual as a supplement to the spectra g manual.
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yep . I have a Stratus as well as a couple of Spectra's , most of the setup is the same or very similar , they just fly a LOT differently!!!!
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what is the part # for this complete close gear box i need to buy one for my stratus. because i had a crash and an object got between the gears and damage everything.
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