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Default Is the neck strap/tray a safety item?


I've been flying rc airplanes for a couple years and have just gotten into the helis. Anyway, I prefer not to wear a neck strap and I'm wondering if this is a bad idea for any reason?
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I think its more important to have a strap/tray if you use the pinch method. The strap holds the weight of the tx, making it easier to pinch the sticks btw your fingertips. If you fly with your thumbs it's not as necessary. Maybe a good idea if your a bit clumsy.
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a neck strap can help, and it can hurt. Consider what happens when you bend down to slow the rotorhead.. Hanging hook, spinning blades. I have had it happen, and now have a mini-reel on my strap to keep it out of the disk.
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I stopped using a neck strap last November and I don't miss it. As Wayne does, I used to use a reel-safe from statorgator as well to keep the strap out of hte blades.
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A neck strap kinda constrains you a bit, you can't move the TX away from you for any reason - like maybe if you trip over whilst walking , you can't save the Tx from damage by holding it away. Or if some fool walks in front of you and collides with your aerial, or if you bend over and have the Tx dangling in front of you and in you way. I dunno, its personal taste, but I just find a neckstrap makes the Tx get in my way.
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Pro's and con's on this one are well presented. Bending over to slow or stop blades can be a real "eye-opener" with a neck strap....that's on the "con" side.

Backing up from a turning bird while getting ready to take off and stepping in a terra pig (ground hog) hole and dropping your transmitter can get a lot of attention as well.

And, last, but not least, dropping a transmitter that cost a couple of paychecks is the final weigh-in for me for wearing a neck strap.
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I use a strap.
used to use a tray but got rid of it.
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I would say use one if you are not SURE.

I almost always use one now. I remember a few month back I forgot my strap but flew anyway. It was a little hot and I was sweaty and the radio slipped out of my hand for a second. It was scary! The crowd loved it as they thought I was doing "Mad 3Dz" but the reality was: I was trying to get the helicopter back under control.

It did look cool as hell though... full pitch inverted piro from the flight line! Once I got some altitude I leveled her off and landed ASAP.
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