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Default Awesome Videos

Bob, these videos are awesome. I am new to Hitec radios and helis, and these videos have taught me a ton.

Many thanks!
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Default EPA query on gyro setup

Hi Bob, thank you, your videos are very informative.
There is a problem that I am having with the gyro setup. I watched the gyro advanced (part 5b) video which was great and well explained. At the part where you explained how to get a 1 to 1 between the rate set in the gyro menu to the rate on the gyro. I found that I could not get the curser to move to the bottom line under the ch5 gyro in the EPA menu. I have followed and set everything up as you have in the video. You said to " flip the switch from Normal to Idle up 1" and the curser will move down. It does not move down on my radio. I cannot select it by touching it either. There is something I have missed perhaps. Can you please help.
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Default Great videos!

Hi! I have just watched all the aurora 9 videos in the 1st post and they were great.

However, you did'nt cover the custom menu on how to add things there and use it.

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I can not open video links to friends, but I wonder if my post count because of
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First off , " I,m an old fart "

Always entertaining to watch Bob,s video,s .
BUT ,................. I don,t do that , " 3D thingy " .
I have bought some semi , symmetrical blades for my Align 450 , and plan on putting on a Bell 222 body . In particularly , " throttle curve " to " pitch curve " , set-up

Is there any other video,s that show how to , " set-up " , for , " scale " , flying .

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Default A9 and GY520 question

Hope I'm posting in the right place and hoping for some help with this. I have a Trex 500 set up with a Futaba GY520 gyro, Align digital MG servos, and an Aurora 9 radio system. The gyro is mounted to the receiver tray in the Trex 500 and I went through the entire set-up process with the gyro once installed.

I watched the entire series of Finless Bob videos on setting up the A9 radio system,paying particular attention to the different ways to set up the gyro to match the gains for Futaba vs JR radios. I have the radio set in Dual mode in the gyro menu (should match Futaba radios). I also changed the EPA for the gyro to +/- 127 as per the Finless Bob videos, and set the gains to 38/40/42 on switch C of the radio as initial settings.

All of these resulted in significant tail-wag. Going lower made the wag worse, and only when I got the numbers set to 55/58/60 (the equivalent of 80 for JR settings) did the tail wag reduce, but it is still slightly there.

Just wondering what I might be doing wrong as my values a lot higher than they "should" be, and a lot higher than I have experienced with other gyros (GY401). Typically, I can set a single mode (JR style) setting of 60 and have no tail wag at all, so I'm just wondering why this one has to be set so much higher? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I too have just started flying a t rex 500 on an A9 but not that gyro so I can't help with that. But I have found that you need to keep the tail blades on the 500 much tighter then on smaller helis. I had a slight tail wag, when I stop the rotors I found one tail blade slightly but noticeably looser then the other. I tightened both blades so that they would stay horizontal but still loose enough to move with my finger. Hope this helps.

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Thanks Westwind, I'll give that a try. Right now they are just barely tight enough to hold position when folded in (as I did on Trex 450s). I'll tighten them up a little and see if that helps! I thought I might change from stock to KBDD t/r blades too.
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