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Default Love the 90SE hate the day...

I've been working on setting up my 90SE I picked up from afterburner here...think I have the name right, and slowly realizing what a great bird this is. Love it so much more than my 600nitro pro. There is only one problem...well, two now. sucks too much gas to really enjoy flying all day and 2, it's crashed

I've had the bird setup mechanically, well close to it and just not the time to fly. Well, got the time the least week and was almost at 100% today, after two other days of tweaking. The tail had been giving me fits...gyro issue, loose blades- problem solved (Oh, and a missing screw on the boom support). Most of that taken care of in the first couple minutes of my first tank today.

So, still tweaking the tail but it was manageable so I decided to do some loops, rolls, this is one great heli, can't wait to get good enough to really have fun I was thinking to myself, now it's time to land and refuel.

So, do that and get back up. Not 2 minutes into the next tank I hear the sound of a lean engine..CRAP. Then I notice this shiny thing about a foot long dangling from the side of the bird. My freakn' pipe had come off. So throttle hold, come down, shut down the engine. to find the muffler hanging by the pressure tube. Crap, Where are the bolts? Under the heli!, got lucky there. So I bolted it back and started her up again, testing for any lean issues...none...good to go.

So, I get back up and do a few more flips a few rolls...that's when it happened. The aileron servo pegged to one side. I thought I some how had reversed, it started rolling on it's own. I controlled it the best I could but in the end, gravity won and planted the beast inverted. The engine started racing and by the time I got to where I could clip off the fuel, it went full throttle and blew out the clutch and fan...shrapnel everywhere.

So, a 50 dollar servo caused the crash...No more align for me.

The good news is I found out what a tank this thing is. No frame damage, no significant head damage (thanks to G-force massive head). the only real damage is clutch, fan, boom and shafts. Oh, and the blades...the only thing that pissed me off.

can't wait to get it back in the air. This thing is a pleasure to fly
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sounds terrible man ! My worst nightmare i think !
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Am Soooo sorry to hear that. I've been a hitec servo fan for a long time and only recently had a failure. I used the Hitecs on all my planks up to 35% and never had an issue.....Recently I did have an older 5945 that was WELL used & abused from my plank days give out on my rappy. It was in the collective spot and likely died cause about 1.5 flights later, I finally heard the engine bearings going, and they were really gone thus causing massive vibrations and digital servos do not care for vibes. Prior to loosing the servo, my header tank bracket broke too, am sure due to the vibes. (the conrod was starting to hit the case).....I was flying and noticed she was acting really odd, and I was having to really really move the coll stick to get a response, so I eased it to the ground and shut down. On retrieval noticed no more collective action, as the servo had froze. It died where it was so I was flying a fixed pitch collective machine for a bit, using engine RPM to bleed off lift.
But having owned several dozen of them, they are (I think) the best servos out there for the bucks. Get her going again and she will wow you some more!! I think the rappys are superior to their trex cousins and come ready to fly, not ready to modify.
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Well I'm almost back in the air. Got the new to me engine in all damaged parts replaced and changed my regulator to a Perfect Regulator...though it's the version 1 ccpm so I'm limited to 6.8v. Align servos in my bird? never again... went Hitec 7940th' more problems now....

Only issue I'm having is going through setup, just don't have the time. With any luck I should be back in the air this weekend...of course I said that last weekend too. Also, got a problem with what sounds like clutch and bell lining up poorly...just doesn't sound as smooth as the last one. Maybe it's just me, don't know but I'll find out soon.
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That sucks about your crash. I cannot imagine what a big heli looks like doing this.and I hope I dont go through that, my 90SE is so pretty right now.

On another note I hope someone chimes in about your clutch/bell alignment as I just replaced the liner in my bell and would like to know for sure how the best way to get perfect alignment would be.
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What i do for aligment is first i set the gear mesh and tighten the starter shaft bearing holder up. Then i install the engine losly and take the glow plug out. Then i take my starter extension and turn the engine over a couple og times (you will see the engine is moving back and fort) til the engine is straight and then tighten it up. Works for me
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